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Birthdays are significant in one’s life. But did you know that there is more to birthdays than just cake and presents? It is no coincidence that we are born on a particular date, in a particular month, and a particular year. Every element of a birth date holds a special meaning. Birthdays in numerology hold a special place in determining important aspects of life. According to Dr Rajnee Garg Kesri, the best numerologist in Bangalore, one can get valuable insights into their life by their birthday alone! This information includes their career path, natural skills, desires of the soul, and personality. 

Hence, birthdays and numerology are co-related. One can utilise the science of numbers to achieve success and fulfilment in life.

What does birth date represent?

People interested in mystic tools to predict the future often ask, “Is the birthday number important in numerology?” Our answer is yes. Here, we will tell you which aspects of life you can determine with the help of your birthday in numerology. 

Let us find out what each element of a birth date signifies. 

1. Birthday number:

The science of numbers helps analyse your personality through your date of birth or your birthday number. What does your date of birth mean in numerology? 

  • 1st: Very determined. They are always eager on undertaking new adventures. They are never afraid of starting anything new, even if they are doing it alone.
  • 2nd: These individuals are unbiased. This helps them find solutions to any problem (big or small) easily. Their advice benefits others. 
  • 3rd: Great communicator, creative, and often motivating others.
  • 4th: Perseverant and dependable. These people offer stability in difficult situations.
  • 5th: They can adapt to any situation in life.
  • 6th: A very caring, kind, and selfless person. They put others above themselves.
  • 7th: Their curiosity is unmatchable. It helps them gain immense knowledge about different worldly and spiritual aspects.
  • 8th: Independent people with the tenacity for accomplishing tasks. No wonder they are successful in reaching any goal they set for themselves.
  • 9th: Compassionate and serve others. They have a strong sense of justice and speak up for others. 
  • 10th: Leaders and efficient organisers
  • 11th: Intuition is their strength. They are empathetic and great guides and supporters. 
  • 12th: Highly imaginative and creative people.
  • 13th: These people convert dreams into reality. They are optimistic but also possess a practical approach.
  • 14th: Open-minded people who always weigh the risks and benefits before starting a task. Therefore, they achieve success with limited resources in hand.
  • 15th: Social people who spread their light of love among others.
  • 16th: Their inquisitive mind helps them in discovering important truths.
  • 17th: Extremely skilful in work. They do every work with their maximum focus. 
  • 18th: Open-minded and open-hearted. Their only goal in life is to make the world a better place to live in.
  • 19th: These people love taking risks to fulfil their goals.
  • 20th: They believe in teamwork and are highly cooperative.
  • 21st: The life and heart of any social gathering.
  • 22nd: Creator and hardworking, they are team players.
  • 23rd: These people enjoy life to the fullest. They are filled with optimism.
  • 24th: Loyal to loved ones, they are great at balancing relationships.
  • 25th: These people harbour immense knowledge and endless curiosity.
  • 26th: They have a zeal for success.
  • 27th: Tolerant and extremely compassionate.
  • 28th: They are natural leaders. They effectively bring people together for harmonious teamwork.
  • 29th: They have an extraordinary ability to connect people and workflows.
  • 30th: Optimistic people who think out of the box.
  • 31st: A rare combination of powerful imagination and practicality. 

2. Birth date number:

This may seem just the same as the birth number. But this number is calculated by adding up the two digits of your birth date. The best numerologist in Bangalore says that this number helps determine one’s career path where one can be successful. 

Birth date number calculator: For example, if your birthday is on the 28th of a month, your birth date number is 2+8 = 10 = 1+0 = 1. You have to keep adding the two digits separately until you get a single digit. 

What does your birth date number represent?

  • 1/10/19/28: Visionaries, innovators, and excellent leaders. They are self-sufficient and should start something of their own, eg., a business, start-up, etc. In jobs, they should take up the roles of team leaders or administrators.
  • 2/11/20/29: Extremely sensitive, charming, and soft-spoken people. They perform best as therapists, life coaches, PR officers, etc.
  • 3/12/21/20: Joyful and creative people. They are expressive and good entertainers. They will thrive in careers in the entertainment industry.
  • 4/13/22/31: Hardworking and dependable people. They are critical thinkers. The best careers would include law, engineering, or journalism.
  • 5/14/23: Multitalented and multitaskers. They can be successful in any profession they choose.
  • 6/15/24: Nurturers and healers, are inclined to selfless service for society. They should become doctors, environmentalists, healers, and therapists. 
  • 7/16/25: Introverts with a deep sense of awareness about their surroundings. Their suitable careers are holistic healing, research, teaching, or writing.
  • 8/17/26: They are materialists. They have an insatiable hunger for success. Hence, they should choose careers in finance, real estate, share markets, etc.
  • 9/18/27: They are humanitarians with great energy and stamina. Police, Navy, Army, Air force or sports are perfect career options for them.

3. Life path number:  

The Life Path number is one of the core numbers. It helps you understand your weaknesses and strength. Therefore, it guides you in life and helps you overcome challenges. You can calculate your Life Path number by adding up all the digits of your date of birth (date+month+year). You get a single digit at the end which is your Life Path number. 

For example, the Life Path number of a person born on 12th January 1990, is 12+1+1990 = 1+2+1+1+9+9+0 = 23 = 2+3 = 5. 

To know about the significance of this number, read the blog on, “What is your Life Path number?

However, if you get a recurring double-digit when calculating your Life Path number, do not reduce it further. For example, if you get 11, 22, or 33 in your Life Path number, keep it as it is. These are called “Master numbers in Numerology.” They are of great value! To know their significance, read this blog


This article will now help you understand why your date of birth is so important. However, without a correct interpretation of your birthday numerology chart, this information holds no value. This was a basic insight into birthday calculation in numerology. 

For a detailed numerology report, contact Dr Rajnee Garg Kesri. She is the best numerologist in Bangalore. Dr Rajnee Garg combines different types of numerology to interpret your birthday numerology chart accurately. She is a certified numerologist and has 11 years of experience in this field. 

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