Dr. Rajnee Garg Kesri is a certified Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Healer and Numerologist. She has set out on a journey to heal people spiritually and encouraging them to look inward so that they can be at one with the positive energies around them. She is completely focused on serving humanity by helping individuals find the right path in life. She Provides the Best Spiritual Healing Courses in Kolkata

She has gained so much of experience and knowledge in occult science and alternative healing over the years, that she remains unmatched in her profession.

Her services have gifted beautiful smiles to thousands of customers across the globe and this has made her the best Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist and Spiritual Healer in Kolkata. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry like Dr TruptiJayin of “RaazPichleJanamKa” fame and Dr Yuvraaj Kapadia of the California Hypnosis Institute.

She has received many awards, recognitions and certifications across all the streams of occult science.

After years of experience dealing with customers who are now problem-free because of her spiritual abilities, she took up the duty to preach all that she has learned over the years and that is when her infamous courses came up. She offers courses in:

• DNA Healing,
• Tarot Card Reading,
• Numerology
• Dowsing
• Angel Healing
• Self-Hypnosis
• Crystal Ball Gazing.

All these certification courses are personally taught by her. Her courses are infamous and have attracted several students who stand by her and her preaching. She has changed lives for the best, so come and join her on this beautiful journey of healing the world.

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Dr. Rajnee Garg is a specialist of Spiritual Healing and has changed any lives for the best

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