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As we pass through life, we accumulate experiences, memories, lessons, and trauma. But where do they go? According to Dr Rajnee Garg Kesri, a leading spiritual healer in Bangalore, the subconscious mind stores experiences, memories, and lessons. So, we can revisit them like turning the pages of a book to gain wisdom for our future endeavours. However, the trauma piles up within the body. We may think of a frightening memory as a thing of the past that has left us. But most of the time, it doesn’t. It reflects in our reactions and responses. 

Only spiritual healing can help liberate us from our traumas. There are different types of spiritual healing which we will discuss in this article. 

What is spiritual healing?

It is important to understand what is the meaning of spiritual healing before we delve into the topic of different types of spiritual healing. 

In simple terms, spiritual healing is connecting with your true self, your soul. During the course of Life, we go through different circumstances. While some situations bring new opportunities for us, others are difficult to handle. Even these tough situations bring new opportunities for us. An opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Every situation we face in Life shapes us in some way or the other. This shows up in our relationships with others, our behaviour with others, and how we treat ourselves too. 

Our true nature is joyful. Our soul is the source of all happiness. But the journey of Life disconnects us from our souls. Hence, challenging circumstances or stressful events cause us to react in ways that are not our true nature. For example, a person who is full of life and optimism often becomes subdued and introverted following the death of a loved one or after a breakup. 

Spiritual healing is a form of therapy that helps us re-establish our relationship with our true selves. It helps us identify who we really are under the façade of the temperament we have gathered from our traumas. 

Types of spiritual healing:

Broadly speaking, there are 5 types of spiritual healing:

1. Physical healing:

Did you know that trauma manifests itself as various diseases in the body? Modern science has already established the link between the mind and the body. 

One can experience most of their unhealed wounds in the form of joint pains, headaches, migraines, or even cancers! This is because trauma gets stored in the body. Yes.

Now, where is trauma stored in the body? Every emotion has a specific seat in the body. When we are told to suppress them, they collect in various parts of the body. For example, 

  • Grief affects the lungs (explains why you feel breathless when you cry)
  • Fear affects the kidneys (explains why children, and sometimes even adults, pee their pants when they panic)
  • Stress affects the heart (explains the palpitations when you feel too anxious)
  • Worry affects the stomach (explains your need to visit the loo before you have an important promotion meeting)

The goal of physical healing is to release the trapped emotions and trauma. This significantly reduces future possibilities of joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases, or even cancers! And if you are already suffering from any such co-morbidity, physical healing can reduce the intensity of your suffering. Eventually, you progress on your path to complete healing. 

How do you release trauma from your body?

Dr Rajnee Garg Kesri, the top spiritual healer in Bangalore, suggests the following ways:

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Practice stretching exercises
  3. Practice yoga
  4. Soak in the sunshine for a couple of minutes
  5. Practice mindful breathing

2. Mental healing:

Have you become very forgetful over the past few months or years? Do you feel like you lose your temper at the slightest cause? You know it’s not right, but you can’t control your anger whenever there is the slightest trigger?

It could be due to a traumatic event in the past. The event could be anything ranging from taunts by a classmate, constant monitoring by parents, or even a form of physical, verbal, or mental abuse. The incident was too much for you to handle. So, you subconsciously buried it within your mind instead of processing it.

Mental healing can help you overcome this condition. Seek help if need be.

Tips to improve your mental health:

  1. Engage in activities that you enjoy doing
  2. Try to write down the event on a piece of paper. Take time to understand what happened. Process it. This may take days or months or even years
  3. Progress at your own pace
  4. Visit a spiritual healer in Bangalore for help

3. Emotional healing:

Repressing emotions to appear “strong” in front of others is a negative way of dealing with emotions. Ultimately, these cumulate to an extent where one no longer recognises themselves. Men mostly suffer from this issue. This is because, from a very young age, they are taught, “Boys don’t cry”, or, “Men don’t cry.” This leads to them becoming closed individuals. They do not share things with anyone, either parents or spouses. 

Over time, a person who suppresses emotions can feel a heavy burden. This results in deteriorating mental health. They do not realise the issue. 

Emotional healing by a certified spiritual healer in Bangalore can help free you from your burden.

Tips to improve your emotional health:

  1. Express your emotions (be it sorrow, joy, love, jealousy, or any other emotion on the spectrum)
  2. Meditate and try to understand the underlying cause of your feelings
  3. Practice breathing exercises
  4. Treat yourself with kindness 
  5. Set healthy boundaries

4. Spiritual healing:

The Soul is the source of energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed. The Soul is pure and eternal. 

In the rut of Life, we lose our connection with the Soul. The Soul is our connection with the Divine. Hence, spiritual healing helps restore the connection. It helps us tap into our innate strengths and natural abilities. 

How to reconnect with our Souls?

  1. Practice meditation daily
  2. Seek the guidance of your guardian spirits
  3. Practice gratitude
  4. Speak positive affirmations
  5. Have trust 
  6. Show kindness and compassion towards others

5. Holistic healing:

Holistic healing combines all the aspects of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. You can experience fulfilment and bliss through holistic healing. 

How do I know if I am healing?

This is the most common question patients ask. You will experience the positive effects of spiritual healing in subtle ways. After the process, you will notice them yourself in small actions and habits. You will feel calmer, happier, confident, and connected with yourself. But remember, the initial phase of spiritual healing is often a very difficult time. You will have to explore and feel your past traumas. You will have to process them before you get to the brighter side. 

However, what you achieve on the other side is worth the pain of the dark phase. 

About Dr. Rajnee Garg Kesri:

Dr Rajnee Garg Kesri is the best spiritual healer in Bangalore. She has been practising 25 different types of healing for the past 11 years. Her mission is to help her clients lead happy and successful lives. 

Contact her for experiencing the bliss of spiritual healing.   

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