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Even before the pandemic hit, stress and anxiety have been plaguing our lives. Our work, our diet, and our lifestyle – all have been so mechanical and so driven by ambition and pursuit of money that our spiritual and mental well-being took a backseat. Our physical health also suffered. Now that we are living in a post-pandemic world, we are realizing that true well-being comes from living a well-rounded life and spiritual healing can help us take baby steps toward a richer life. Thus, people are now increasingly looking for spiritual healers in India and elsewhere to bring their bodies, mind, and spirit in synergy. If you’re looking for one too, this post will be of great help.

What is Spiritual Healing?

The word “spiritual” comes from the Latin word “spiritus” meaning “breath of life”. The spiritual is the spiritual energy that works at a much deeper level on our spiritual beings. The healing part is the transfer of energy that does not originate from the healer. Rather the healer connects with the universal or the divine and channels it for healing the body, soul, and mind.

Spiritual healing is not unique to Indian culture and almost every culture around the globe practices it. It is a technique that acts on the non-physical parts of our existence. It goes above and beyond the mere physical aspects of your entities and touches your mind, emotions, and life forces. This way, spiritual healers in India restore the wholeness of the human body and renders it more healthy and capable. From babies to adults to even animals, spiritual healing does not discriminate and there’s no need for religious faith; only your belief in the powers of your haler is enough.

What Are The Components of Spiritual Healing?

The process of spiritual healing in India and all over the world has some basic components:

  • The universal or spiritual energy of a non-religious kind that is guided and directed by intention
  • This energy, when focused on the human body, via the human energy field or the aura, raises spiritual vibrations.
  • Repeated sessions overcome the body’s inertia and provide optimal healing.
  • It improves health, allowing your highest nature to unfold.

For people with long-term conditions, often 6-8 sessions are required for bringing about improvement.

What Exactly Happens in the Healing Session?

  • The recipient is seated on the chair or couch
  • The healer is attuned to the healing energy
  • The energy that is usually channeled through the healer’s hands works on or around the body.

The healers merely channel the energy and it can be done as distant healing as well where the healer is not present. In such cases, the healer promotes well-being through visualization and attunement to the patient’s mind and body.

Who Does Spiritual Healing Help?

Anyone who’s walking around with unhelpful energetic burdens like anxiety or fear can opt for spiritual healing. In today’s times, a lot of issues have got people feeling “out of sorts” such as depression, backache, and bipolar states, and healing can alleviate these by working at the core of our existence, our spirits.

What Do People Feel During Healing?

  • Reduced pains and other physical symptoms
  • Enhanced sense of vitality
  • A sense of being at peace and a sense of oneness with the universe
  • A feeling of being free

Spiritual Healing in Modern Healthcare

Though popular, the mechanism of spiritual healing is still unknown and thus, is yet to find a more solid place in the modern healthcare setting. However, adequate training, better research, and a professional standard can be of much help. It is also imperative that we take a more open-minded approach toward ways of healing and living. A visit to Dr. Rajnee Garg Kesri could be the perfect starting point. A top spiritual healer in India, Dr. Kesri has been serving for years now and knows how to improve people’s lives by improving the connection between body, mind, and spirit; we’d recommend you see it for yourself and believe. For more details, contact Dr. Kesri today.

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