What is Numerology?

Each and every one of us are born with a set of numbers that are unique to us or lucky numbers. Numerology refers to the universal language of numbers. Understanding what your lucky number is very important in unlocking a lot of things. The depths of your personality, the way you interact with others, things that you need to learn, the opportunities and challenges that await you, all of this can be unlocked by knowing all about your lucky number.

How does it work?

Every single digit number has its own unique personality and numerology analyzes and works on this. There are various attributes that are well defined and specific to each number. Although multiple numbers share some specific character traits, these numbers have a specific unique personality that is easy to recognize.
A very good example to make this easier to understand would be the numerological relation between the numbers 6 and 9. Both the numbers are associated with compassion and selflessness, alongside other humane and caring qualities. The number 6 is family and community oriented with its qualities of care and compassion projecting on and positively affecting people who come in the immediate circle of friends and family. Whereas, the number 9 has a global perspective and its qualities of sympathy and self-sacrifice is directed to anyone who is not even known personally. While the number 6 finds it hard to relate to people who it does not know personally, the number 9 tends to stay a bit aloof from people it knows personally. Not distant, but aloof.
Understanding these traits of each number is what makes numerology work. This gives an individual a clear insight into what he or she actually is. It is all about understanding the attitude and actions of each number and acting accordingly. It is also very important to understand that just like human beings do not behave in the same way in each location, numbers go through locational changes as well. If a number has a positive attitude in one location, it might have a negative attitude in another.

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