Amazing Facts About Crystal Healing

Healing can take many forms, but it is defined as "the process of creating or becoming sound or healthy again." Crystals are one technique that individuals heal themselves. Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing are all said to be aided by crystals.

Crystals' metaphysical powers have long been a component of ancient societies including the Egyptians, Sumerians, and Mayans.

These mystical stones or crystals were utilised to embellish their bodies, jewellery, and structures. In ancient cultures, crystals were revered for their therapeutic properties. In Kolkata, Dr Rajnee R Garg is the best crystal healer therapist.

How do Crystals work?

The universe is made up entirely of energy. Everything is made up of energy vibrations, from a strand of hair to a piece of wood. Our bodies' cells and healing crystals are made of that same energy. When particular crystals are placed in specific places of the body, your energy undergoes a transition that is in sync with the crystal's energy. This brings to a state of balance in your body, as well as a number of other advantages. Positive energies are drawn to these gems, while bad energies are repelled. Crystal healers think they can improve low energy, prevent negative energy, remove blocked energy, and modify the aura of a person.

Wearing precious stones and minerals as bracelets and necklaces, placing crystals in the room where you work and sleep, or being treated by a crystal therapist who can determine which stones can work to stimulate the seven chakras, or 'energy points around the body, are all examples of crystal therapy.

Each stone's electromagnetic charge is supposed to provide therapeutic vibrations as it works to clear blockages and restore a normal flow of energy around the body.

Healing crystals are getting more popular 

People are using gemstones to balance energies and become more connected to their bodies and minds, and healing crystals are becoming more popular.

Crystals have been used for magical and spiritual purposes by ancient peoples for thousands of years. Despite the fact that there is no proof that crystal therapy works and that it is not a type of medicine, an increasing number of people are willing to try the potential advantages of crystals.

Crystals are thought to contain vibrational energy that they communicate to you, balancing your emotional, physical, and spiritual energies.

The Best Crystals for healing

What You Should Know About Your Crystals Colour

Crystals come in a wide range of colours and forms. Some crystals, on the other hand, offer similar healing powers. Colour is one technique to distinguish a crystal with identical qualities. A crystal's colour can sometimes correctly depict the crystal's qualities.

  • White or clear crystals

These types of crystals offer a calming and therapeutic effect. They can be used to heal, strengthen, and meditate.

  • Yellow crystals

These are considered to have a positive effect on the nervous and immunological systems. As a result, these crystals can be utilised to relieve anxiety, improve moods, and even aid digestion. These crystals can also give you a sense of warmth and optimism.

  • Red crystals

These crystals are stimulating and healing. Wearing them or keeping them in your living environment can help you focus and be more motivated. Furthermore, red-coloured crystals can be used to gain bravery, sentiments of self-worth, and fearlessness.

  • Pink crystals

These have the most emotional impact. Pink crystals, like rose quartz, can help you express your feelings better, have self-love, and attract love when used correctly.

  • Blue crystals

Some blue crystals have a calming impact on the human body. This is good for persons who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. Bluestones are particularly beneficial to recovering addicts because they promote emotional healing and consideration for others.

  • Green crystals

Such Crystals can boost a person's fertility, potency, growth, health, and nerves.

  • Turquoise crystals 

This colour of the stone affects emotions, memory, sentiments, and anxiety, as well as weight reduction.

  • Brown crystals

These stones have a numbing effect on the nerves. It gives you a sense of tranquilly and security. These crystals can also make you feel rested and at ease in stressful situations.

  • Black crystals

Such Crystals offer defensive powers and aid in the warding off of harmful energies.

The colours of a stone can be used as a general guide when selecting a crystal. Most of these stones, however, are supposed to have an effect on the mind and emotions rather than the body.

Keeping Your Crystal Clean

It is recommended that you cleanse your crystal before using it. This is because the energy contained within the crystal could be related to the last person who handled it.

Even after you've started using the crystal, you should cleanse it on a regular basis to remove bad energy, recharge it, and improve its effectiveness.


The use of crystals has grown increasingly popular. It is also promoted by celebrities. Despite the dearth of scientific evidence, crystal users can attest to the stones' mental healing abilities.

It's possible that healing will take time. However, the crystals can be influenced by prolonged meditation and positivity. The use of crystals has no major adverse effects, which is an advantage to trying this approach of healing.

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