Astrology In The Workplace

It's true that astrology is often seen as pseudoscience by some people, but when it comes to understanding human behaviour, there are a few better ways. Many business owners use the zodiac signs to make sense of their employees and customers - this blog post will give you tips on how to do so successfully.

Aries in the workplace

Aries is a natural leader and loves to be the boss. They will get impatient with co-workers if they're not following orders quickly enough, but also expect them to bounce back from failures just as fast.

Taurus in the workplace

People with Taurus rising are known for their patience, which can make these employees seem passive-aggressive when they're not getting their way. However, when Taurus is given the freedom to do things how they want and need, results are usually excellent - just don't expect them to be flexible with other people's ideas or ways of doing things.

Gemini in the workplace

Employees who have Gemini rising to tend to get bored easily and will need a lot of variety in their lives to stay productive. They have excellent communication skills that they use to network and socialize with people, which is great for companies who like extra help developing relationships or getting the word out about what products or services they offer.

Cancer in the workplace

Employees who are born under Cancer rising can be very emotional, which is why they are often great at being creative. They can be moody or aloof sometimes, however - you'll have to learn how to motivate them in different ways for maximum productivity.

Leo in the workplace

Employees who have Leo rising love attention and recognition, so finding some way of giving it to them will get them to work harder and longer. Leos are not always known for their organizational skills, however, so they may need a little extra attention when it comes time to prioritize tasks or meet deadlines.

Virgo in the workplace

People with Virgo rising to tend to be perfectionists who can't help but find flaws everywhere - this isn't as bad as it sounds though, as they're always looking for ways to improve themselves or whatever project they've been given. They work best with a lot of structure and plenty of time to plan things though - so don't expect them to be able to juggle multiple projects at once!

Libra in the workplace

People who have Libra rising are known for being fair and balanced, which makes them great for customer service. They may have some problems with authority though - they're more likely to side with the underdog than the person who's in charge of calling all of the shots.

Scorpio in the workplace

Employees born under Scorpio rising are known as natural leaders because they have an excellent sense of timing and know exactly when to act. They are usually very passionate about their work, so they'll do everything they can to protect it - which is why you should never criticize them for mistakes or failures, but instead help motivate them with clear goals towards success.

Sagittarius in the workplace

Employees who have Sagittarius rising are known for being good at teaching and mentoring other people. They can be impatient though, which means that they may not always do well in a workplace where there's no leeway or room to improvise.

Capricorn in the workplace

People born under Capricorn have an excellent work ethic because of their dedication to achieving their goals and completing tasks. They may not be the most creative or innovative thinkers though, so don't expect them to come up with new ways of doing things that might change how a team operates.

Aquarius in the workplace

Employees who have Aquarius rising are known for being independent because they're always looking for something different from their work. They will probably tend to resist authority though and could be difficult for managers who like having a lot of control over what happens in the workplace.

Pisces in the workplace

People born under Piscean rising are known as natural healers because they're very sensitive and empathic towards other people's needs - this makes them easy to work with and good at dealing with conflict resolution. They're probably not the best when it comes to having a lot of discipline though, so they may need extra encouragement in that area.

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