Concept Of Time And Vedic Astrology

If you are wondering why we are discussing time here, then let us tell you that time is of singular importance when it comes to any decision you take. Think about B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharata and the epic beginning that started with a monologue by samay or kaal which signifies time. And Time plays a significant role in astrology, black magic removal and a whole lot of other concepts. So today we will take a look at this mysterious and elusive concept of time and try to see its role in Vedic Astrology. But first, we will take a cursory glance at how different cultures perceive time and keep time.

The Greek Idea of Time

In ancient Greek religion, there were at least three gods representing the concept of time: Chronos, Aion, and Kairos.

1. Chronos

Representing empirical and linear time, Chronos was likely the first of the gods to be firmly established. Associated with the past, present, and future, it is the simplest idea of time. For example, the time from your birth till your death is one apparent linear progression and Chronos represents that linearity.

2. Aion

This signifies eternal time. Closely linked with the afterlife and the cyclical nature of some events like seasons, Aion, like Chronos, affects all individuals.

3. Kairos

Unlike the first two concepts, Kairos stands for the most opportune moment. So, it represents that ripe moment when you should most certainly be acting and executing plans and not be sitting on them. Used by the Ancients to explain human actions and consequences, Kairos can also be seen as a metaphor.

Time in Modern Times

Now, a simple dichotomy exists. In fast-paced economies like the USA or UK, people value time like it's money (think of the popular phrase) and the lesser-developed third-world economies where the perception of time is more relaxed. In the latter countries, family and social life are heavily prioritized. This idea was popularized by psychologist Robert Levine and even though it has some grain of truth in it, the boundaries are not always clear cut. However, this does tell us about one important fact and that is the concept of time has undergone serious evolutions and is deeply linked with the sociocultural milieu of a country.

Different Ways of Timekeeping

Just like how the concept of time varies from East to West so does the idea of tracking time. In Western cultures, the clock is the primary way of counting the beginning and end of time. Well, you might wonder that don’t we use clocks here as well. Well, of course, we do but there is also an alternative way of viewing time. And that time is related to an event or a person. Think of Durgapujo in West Bengal. A grand event, for many Bengalis the entire cycle is a whole year and they spend counting the days till the next puja even before the current one gets over!

Role of Time in Vedic Astrology

The idea of Time is of primary importance and has a great role to play in Vedic astrology. It is also a special way of looking at time in a society that is based on Hindu principles much like how the ancient Greeks viewed time differently from modern individuals. No two fractions of time are similar, even if they follow each other in progression. Each animates every living and non-living being in different ways, playing a vital role in the creation, destruction and balance of the entire cosmos. And knowing one’s exact birth time is vital to know one’s own life and the route one is pre-destined to take. For example, twins with a minute interval will not be the same person. The planetary alignments have changed and so have the persons!

Time and Journey of Life

Vedic astrology sees each moment of a human’s journey as a journey in and through time. Each moment has a different significance and the planetary bodies influence those moments. But does that mean you would not be having any say in your journey? Of course not! Just like any other idea, Vedic astrology also has its secret language that only opens up to those who know how to read! Dr Rajnee Garg Kesri has for years been practising Vedic astrology and tarot card reading to help people take charge of their own lives! If you would like to know more, reach out to us. After all, we could all do with some little help to spend our life and time here on this planet, right?

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