Importance Of Wearing Crystal Healing Jewellery

Crystal healing has been in practice for centuries. Orthodox schools may discard the benefits. But healing crystals improve both physical and mental health. To know more about them, read the blog “What healing crystals do.”

Crystals are most effective when they are in contact with the skin. Hence, crystal jewellery is of major importance. Crystal jewellery in any form amplifies the healing powers of a crystal. Crystal healing bracelets, rings, pendants, or necklaces imbibe the energies of the crystal into the wearer.

In this blog, we will tell you the advantages of wearing crystal healing jewellery.

Is it good to wear crystals as jewellery?

In short, yes. But before we dive into the why and how there is an important fact we have to share. Crystals have metaphysical properties and are known to help in spiritual cleansing and trauma healing. However, they help with various diseases too! Here is a list of the 5 most common health issues and how crystals can help

Now, getting back to if wearing crystals as jewellery is good or not, let us explain.

Physical contact increases the penetration of the healing powers of crystals into an individual. We have listed the importance of crystal jewellery below. There, we shall clarify how.

Crystal Healing Jewellery
Crystal healing jewellery

Benefits of crystal healing jewellery: 

1. Protects your aura: 

Crystals act as sponges for negative energies. So, crystal bracelets, amulets, or other crystal-healing jewellery act as a shield for your aura. It forms a barrier and absorbs negative energies and evil intentions. So, it prevents any harm caused by the evil eye. This is one of the most important benefits of a crystal bracelet or other healing crystal accessories.

2. Helps raise your vibrations:

As the futurist Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations.”

If you want to improve your quality of life, you have to utilise your inner strength. One can do so by raising their vibrations. Crystal helps induce positive energies into your mind and body. Thereby, crystal jewellery help raise your vibration and ensure success in life.

3. Helps balance energies:

Wearing crystal jewellery helps balance the energy centres or chakras. This helps in two ways:

  • It stimulates the natural healing process
  • It helps reduce the effects of stress (physical, mental, and emotional)

4. Enhances physical, mental, and emotional well-being: 

Crystal healing helps a person embrace positivity in Life. It influences and strengthens positive thoughts. This increases self-confidence. It encourages self-love and promotes compassion for self and others. overall, it creates a ground for self-introspection and growth.

5. Strengthens intuition:

This is a significant benefit of crystal bracelets and other crystal jewellery.  It serves as a stepping stone on your spiritual path. It acts as a connection between you and your spiritual guide.  

6. Strengthens intentions:

Crystals serve as great tools for holding intentions. When you wear crystal jewellery, make sure to state a clear intention of why you are wearing it. It helps in manifesting these intentions.

7. Helps connect with Nature:

Crystals are a unique creation of Mother Nature. They beautifully combine the science of chemistry with art. Wearing crystal jewellery thus helps you connect with Nature. It grounds you and relieves anxiety and restlessness.

8. Convenient:

People often ask crystal healers if it is good to carry crystals around. The answer is yes. This is because they protect your energy field from the surrounding evil eye. But the problem is the hassle of carrying them. Even if you carry your crystals in a pouch or bag, there is always this little chance of losing them. Moreover, they may get damaged.

Crystal jewellery solves this problem. You don’t have to fear losing them anywhere. They are convenient to carry when embedded in jewellery and are lightweight.

Skin contact with the crystals is especially beneficial. They magnify healing properties.

9. They brighten your look:

Let’s admit it, crystals look gorgeous! They make you look and feel good and add elegance to your look. They add to your style quotient. 

What is the best way to wear crystals?

You can wear your crystals as different fashion accessories. Whether you choose to wear crystal bracelets, necklaces, males, rings, or amulets, they are a great addition to your fashion wardrobe!

A crystal bracelet benefits you as much as any other crystal-healing jewellery. An important factor to consider in this aspect is the type and quality of the crystal.

To learn about the best crystals for healing, read this blog on amazing facts about crystal healing

Crystal healing bracelets
Crystal healing bracelets

Dr. Rajnee Garg Kesri:

Dr Rajnee Garg Kesri is a certified crystal healer. She will help select the best crystals suitable for your needs. 

She has 11 years of experience in 25 different types of healing. Her immense knowledge of crystals and other healing forms helps her clients improve in different aspects of their lives. 

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