Demystifying Past Life Regression: Debunking Common Myths


Sometimes, we must peek into our past to deal with our present! The existence of past life has been believed since the ancient era. Have you ever experienced Deja Vu? Do you feel stuck in a cycle of unexplained problems? Astro science says there's something beyond our imagination.

We look for specific answers that may seem perplexing in the present but are connected to our past [life]. This understanding of odds by exploring the mystery of Past Life can be astonishingly alluring. However, amidst the fascination, several myths and misconceptions about past life regression have emerged. In this blog, we will embark on a journey to separate fact from fiction, debunking common myths associated with Past Life Regression Therapy. 

But before we bust out the myths, let us enlighten you on what this intriguing practice is in its true sense.

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a form of holistic therapy that penetrates your subconscious mind. At its core, it banks on the notion of incarnation. The treatment helps you join the dots between the unknown and the known, between the karma and karmic effects. 

It's been said that our soul holds onto vast memories. All of which rests in our subconscious mind. Past life regression helps us find the meaning of the karmic mysteries, enabling us to tune our present life.

Myths vs. Facts

People have imaginary thoughts when it comes to Past Life Regression. It's not like beating in the bush. It is a process that guides us to our sunken positive energy to deal with our problems. Let us unmask the wrong notions associated with the practice.

1. Myth -  Time Travel

Fact: There is a difference between reel & reality. Past life regression involves accessing memories of past life. This doesn’t mean you can physically travel through time. It's not like hopping into a time machine! Never mind, but you are a fool if you think so! It is a therapeutic technique to assess and heal unresolved emotions and traumas from past incarnations. The whole system is guided through hypnosis and meditation.

2. Myth - Religious Practice

Fact: Past life regression is not tied to any specific religion. It is an experimental technique that individuals from diverse spiritual backgrounds can utilize. While some religions, such as certain branches of Hinduism and Buddhism, incorporate the concept of reincarnation, past life regression itself is not inherently religious.

3. Myth - Losing Control

Fact: Do you feel like you might lose control over yourself if you enter the trance? Don’t be nervous! That’s not how it works. You will feel more relaxed in the process. But that doesn’t mean you won't have control over yourself. While in a trance, your therapist will guide you to navigate your thoughts. Stay calm; they won't be controlling you!

4. Myth - Instant Problem Solver

Fact: Wait a minute! Has there ever been any instant solution to any severe issue? No right?! As medication takes time to cure physical health, healing takes time to heal your soul. Past life regression can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, but it is not a magic cure for all present life challenges. Regression will allow you to gain insights into past experiences, emotions, and patterns that might influence your current state. Therefore, remembering integrating and resolving these insights requires time, introspection, and often additional therapeutic work. Nothing happens with a flick of the fingers!

5. Myth - Reveals Past Life of Famous Figures

Fact: It might be tempting to believe that past life regression can uncover connections to famous historical figures. But, there is no concrete evidence in support of this notion. The memories accessed during regression sessions are subjective and deeply personal. It focuses on your journey and experiences rather than grand historical events.

What Does Past Life Regression Therapy Entail?

Your therapist will seek your need list. Based on your requirement, They will help you realize your past life traits and navigate positive energy for your present life. 

Who Can Benefit From Past Life Regression?

The whole cycle of life is paddled with belief! The one who has faith in unforeseen energy can get benefitted from this therapy. Memories are much more vivid under hypnosis. Hence, it will allow you to unearth any connection between your past and present life. You might seek past life regression therapy if you are suffering from chronic disease, any unexplained fear or anxiety, a perplexed relationship, or persistent bad luck. The therapist bridges the gap between your past and present.

It’s not always about figuring out the trouble. It is also about the search for existence. As a medium, your therapist can channel good vibrations or say positive energy into your soul. They will let you see the bright memories where you shine to the fullest. 

Before We Bid Adieu…

Never Stop Believing In Possibilities! Remember, after every night, the Sun shines even more bright!

If you are suffering any inexplicable trauma, low-esteem or simply wish to know about your source of energy and future possibilities, maybe past life regression can help you.  Dr. Rajnee Garg Kesari, an expert Past Life Regression Therapist in India, has helped many in the quest for the unknown. So, instead of getting swayed away by myths, help yourself immediately! You can avail of an online session too.

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