Destiny Number: Your Guide To The Course Of Life

The Destiny Number is one of the core numbers of the numerological chart of an individual. It acts as a complement to the Life Path Number. So, if you are at a crossroads in life and unable to decide which path would be best for you, get a full analysis of your Destiny Number. It may help you decide how you should proceed ahead in life to overcome all obstacles to success. 

What is Destiny Number?

The Destiny Number in numerology gives an understanding of your capabilities and shortcomings. 

The Life Path Number tells you your ultimate mission in Life. The Destiny Number serves as a map to guide you to the path of achieving this mission. It expresses your course of destiny, i.e., how you should lead your life to cultivate the values that will help you attain your objective in life.

How to Find Destiny Number

How to find Destiny Number?

You may use a Destiny Number calculator. But, calculating your Destiny Number by yourself is a very simple process. So, how do you know your Destiny Number? We will tell you. 

You need to use your full name (as mentioned in your birth certificate) to find out your Destiny Number in numerology. This includes your first name, your middle name (if any), and your surname. Add up the numbers of each alphabet of your full name to come up with a single digit. Check the table below to find the numerical value of each alphabet.


This is your Destiny Number. However, if you get the master numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, or 55, do not round them up to a single digit. These master numbers have special significance that we have discussed in our blog on Master Numbers in numerology

Let us show you an example of how to know your Destiny Number. 


ROHIT = 9+6+8+9+2 = 34 = 3+4 = 7

KUMAR = 2+3+4+1+9 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1                            

BOSE = 2+6+1+5 = 14 = 1+4 = 5

Destiny Number = 7+1+5 = 13 = 3+1 = 4

Meaning of Destiny Number:

Now that you know the method of calculating your Destiny Number, we bet you are eager to know the significance of each Destiny Number in numerology!

Destiny Number 1:

Your main target in life is to be number 1 in whatever you do! And, you have the capability of being so! Though you struggle with self-doubt at times, your determination and leadership qualities can help you overcome all your weaknesses. You are a born leader who leads with compassion. You love working independently and will never tolerate being told what to do. Your management skills are above par. 

You may sometimes come across as being too bossy or dominant. But you have a clear vision of what needs to be done and will not back away from it. 

Take charge of your life. It is your innate nature to never settle for anything less and this is what will enable you to utilize your full potential. As an extremely hardworking person, you need time for rest too. Engage in exercises or other sports activities to act as stressbusters. Don’t let your overambition make you forget about self-care. 

Destiny Number 2:

The two terms that describe you best are – peacemaker and diplomat. You have a natural talent for creating meaningful interpersonal relationships both in the personal and professional space. You aim to create a harmonious environment since you are compassionate and nurturing. Your entire life revolves around love, harmony, cooperation, and peace. You are the best team player and know how to resolve disputes among others. 

However, you tend to overcare at times. This can make others feel suffocated at times. You need to work on being self-sufficient. Use your diplomacy and mediation skills to stand up for yourself just like you do for others. Being the fight-resolver, you may unconsciously become a little manipulative. 

Because you have a gift of being naturally charming, utilize your skills for a greater cause. 

Destiny Number 3:

If sunshine were a person, it would be you. Destiny Number 3 is inspiring and motivating. You believe in following your dreams and expressing your real self and you help and encourage others to do the same. Number 3 is cheerful, optimistic, and fun to be around, and others seek comfort and wisdom from you. You have a natural way with words, whether verbal or written. Your creativity defines you. You are destined to be unique and probably be famous due to your happy nature.

A downside is that if you do not get the opportunity to express your artistic side, you can suffer from depression. You don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable. People never understand the pain you may be suffering from because you hide it so well. It is very difficult for you to take any decision in life because you are an overthinker. Procrastination is one of your biggest challenges because you have so many talents and can’t decide which to focus on. 

Use your creative skills to express your thoughts. Work on your mental health and you will find the answers yourself.

Destiny Number 4:

Practicality, hardworking, trustworthiness, and responsible – these are the traits that describe you the best. You have a natural urge for creating a legacy that you can leave behind. You are determined to give back to society. And you undertake all the hard work to make it possible. You have a highly disciplined and systematic approach in all your work. You believe in providing for your family. Even at the workplace, you ensure to leave no stone unturned for the best outcome. 

Destiny Number 4 forget to live life for yourself in your quest for achievement. You may be too rigid at times. Number 4 don’t allow yourself to think out of the box and don’t encourage others to do it either. You follow set rules. You never dare to work outside the framework for fear of failure. 

Open up your mind and heart to new ventures and ideas.

Destiny Number 5:

You are free-spirited and fearless. Freedom is your life companion. Living life to the fullest is your niche. Number 5 communicates freely which helps you make new friends easily. You follow your own heart and can never settle down in mundane careers, relationships, or places. You rely on strong gut instincts which is a positive point. 

Your reckless nature makes you an irresponsible person. You regularly switch jobs and relationships. You have a low concentration span. 

Know your limits and progress accordingly. Utilize your flexibility to deal with unnerving situations that others may never be able to progress in. 

Destiny Number 6:

You are a nurturer and are always thinking about how you can serve others. You are the person others want to be around. Considerate and generous, you’re the perfect boss anyone would want. Destiny Number 6 brings solutions to the table in both your family and workplace. You enjoy taking up responsibilities and meeting them. 

You often blur the line between generosity and people-pleasing. In this process, you end up exhausting yourself. Therefore, you may become resentful at certain stages in life. 

Do not overburden yourself. Remember to fill your cup before you can help others. 

Destiny Number 7:

A lover of knowledge, you are curious to seek spiritual wisdom. You are here to teach the world. You spend your whole life trying to dig up insights on different aspects of both the worldly life and the spiritual realm. You’re a lover of truth and are eager to find it yourself. 

Your tendency to isolate yourself from the world ends up harming your mental health. You have no control over your tongue and often blurt out harsh truths. This may lead to awkward situations with you ending up looking like the villain. 

Use your talent for discovery to spread knowledge. 

Destiny Number 8:

You are born to achieve material success and financial freedom in life. You are capable, hardworking, and confident enough to achieve your goals. Be it your business or job, you are best as the leader. 

Do not fall prey to greed. Balance work and family life since you tend to get engrossed in proving your worth through your achievements. 

Donate to social causes for fulfilling your greater goal.

Destiny Number 9:

You have the power to access higher levels of consciousness. Number 9 is humanitarian and your selfless love for others makes you a father figure. You are here to heal others and help them find beauty in themselves. You forgive others easily. 

Given your qualities, you think others can easily understand what you are trying to say. Most of the time, they cannot. This ends up making you look arrogant and unapproachable. Remember, you don’t know it all. There is always a scope for higher learning. 

Heal yourself and then you can heal others. Focus on your spiritual journey. 

For more insights into how Destiny Number can influence your life, contact Dr. Rajnee Garg Kesri. Her accurate numerology chart interpretation will help you face challenges in life with renewed zeal and confidence. 

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