Guide to Numerology-History and Evolution

Each one of us has a divine relationship with numbers. The history and evolution of numerology suggest that these numbers coincide with the many events that happen in our lives. An analysis of this would give you a deeper and more meaningful knowledge about yourself, what interests you, which options and fields are most suitable for you and a whole set of questions that you might have in your mind. Let us discuss Guide to Numerology-History and Evolution.

The working of numerology

Numerology works on the fact that your birth date is the foundation of finding your life path number. This reveals your personality, your traits and also helps predict the kind of life that you will be living in the years to come. Each number has a different meaning and purpose. It is however easy to calculate your life path number by yourself. For example, your birth date is 14th April 2001.

  • First, add the digits of the month and date. Here,14+4=18.
  • Reduce this to a single digit by adding the existing digits.1+8=9.
  • Next, add the digits of your birth year i.e. 2+0+0+1=3.
  • Next, add the two final sums.9+3+12.
  • This needs to be reduced to a single digit. Therefore,1+2=3.
  • So, number 3 is your life path number.

After finding out this number, only an expert numerologist who has studied the history and evolution of numerology in great detail can guide you through with information and details regarding the number.
The purpose of numerology is to give a person an insight into themselves and their lives. There might be cases where a number is suitable and brings positivity while brings in negativity for another. This also holds for incidents. Where one number might prove to be lucky while another would cause loss or grief.

Guide to Numerology-History and Evolution

The roots of numerology are said to have their earliest recordings and pieces of evidence in regions of Babylon and Egypt. This system, that in today's date is used by many was given the name by Dr Julian Stenton. However, some say that it was Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher who had founded the system of numerology. But, it was only his theories that supported the idea. He sternly believed that it was numbers that supported the nature of anything. He was also mathematically inclined to make the recordings even more certain.


The history and evolution of numerology suggest that there has been a lot of research in order to prove the importance of numbers in our lives. And how we are affected or benefitted by them.
In the later years, however, the relation between alphabets and numbers was derived. Like, A had a value of 1, B of 2, and so on. This helps derive the quality of life that a person might lead, his natural personality, and what career or other options are best suited for the person.

Benefits of Numerology

Self-Help tool

By providing an insight into yourself, numerology provides a person with a clearer vision of people, choices, and situations.

Defines your opportunities and challenges

Numerology helps predict and foresee the challenges that might come to you in the future and how you must address them. This also holds true for opportunities.
This would help you predict why you react and do things the way you are doing.


The life path number that you derive is special for you as it reveals your personality and conveys your special talents and traits to you.

Knowing others' perspectives

What others think of you is completely different from what you think it would be. Numerology helps find out the impression that you have in the minds of others.

Solves questions

A lot of people have questions regarding their financial life, social life, love life, life span, health, success, and a lot of other questions. A professional numerologist can help you find out a solution and give you answers to such questions.
In order to fulfil your desire to know the numerology behind your personality and your inner self, it is more convenient to visit a professional in your city.

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