How Can A Past Life Therapy Session Change Your Life?

There are a lot of unexplained events that occur in our everyday lives. Sometimes our thoughts are not in our control; other times, we cannot put the finger on something that feels real to us. These are the times when we start looking for answers outside our knowledge. And one way to do it is to go for past life regression therapy. Although a contested opinion, past life regression, is a form of alternative therapy known to help heal individuals' mental and physical ailments. 

In recent years, many people have tried to find answers to many unanswered questions in their lives through spiritual healing and past-life regression therapy. Today, let us find out why. 

How Does Past Life Regression Therapy Work?

Past life regression is a form of hypnotherapy that uses guided meditation and hypnosis to allow individuals to explore their past lives. The therapy focuses on the issues by directing their origins back to another lifetime. The practitioner asks questions, and the individual answers them under hypnosis. A person can be emotionally or physically troubled, and this form of therapy looks into the depths of a person to find out the causes. 

People have described past life regression as eye-opening and life-changing, allowing them to discover things they never knew about themselves. The questions asked through the hypnosis allow them a chance to heal from within. This has been known to positively affect a person’s mind and bring considerable changes to their bodies. 

Can This Therapy Help a Person Physically?

Here are some of the most important benefits that past life regression therapy has been known for:

1. Discovering and Healing Past Trauma

One of the main benefits of past-life regression therapy is that it can help individuals heal emotional trauma from past lives. By exploring past lives and the emotions and experiences that come with them, individuals can identify patterns and recurring themes affecting their current emotional state. This therapy can help individuals heal from past traumas, such as abuse or abandonment, and move forward with a healthier emotional state.

2. Stress management

Various factors, including past traumas and experiences, can cause anxiety and depression. Past life regression therapy can help individuals identify the root cause of their anxiety or depression, which can help them manage and eventually overcome these conditions. This therapy can also help find the root causes of stress in your physical state, like chronic pain or recurring headaches, some of which cannot be explained by modern medicine. Perhaps you are carrying this from your past life and can take steps to resolve it now.

3. Finding a new direction

Past life regression therapy can help individuals understand their relationship patterns and identify any past life experiences affecting their current relationships. This therapy can help individuals improve their relationships and find more fulfilling connections with others. This form of therapy can help individuals understand their past lives and identify any patterns or recurring themes that may guide their current life path. This therapy can help individuals find purpose and direction in their lives and work towards achieving their goals.

Take Your Step Towards Your Well Being

Healing spiritually is as important as healing physically. Trauma is not limited to a particular period and can have its effects over a long time. The idea is to heal yourself in whatever way possible and find the best in your life. This is why it is important to find a professional and qualified practitioner of alternative medicine who can help you take the first step in your new life. 

Dr Rajnee Garg Kesri has been a spiritual practitioner, guiding clients toward a better life with hypnotherapy, past-life regression therapy, and alternative healing processes. If you have been struggling to find peace from within and looking for someone to talk to, this might be the right place to be at. Alternative healing is not an easy decision to take, but it should be something you consider to take care of yourself and ensure and peaceful emotional state from all that is troubling you. 

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