How Effective Is Numerology?


In simple terms, numerology is the study of numbers and their impact on people's lives. Numerology is considered to be a universal language of numbers. The core idea behind numerology is that a person's life is affected by birth date, birth name and other numerical factors in our life. But, it is prudent to note that numerology is only a pseudoscience in the lines of astrology, and note a scientifically proven field of study. Numerology originated in Egypt where a person's name is based on numbers. Let us discuss How Effective Is Numerology?

Importance of a name:

What's in a name? Such a question arises in every expecting parents' minds when they venture to find a suitable name for their children. They expect their kid's name to be modern, easy to call and at the same time rooted in their culture.

But. Is that it? Is being cool, the only prerequisites for finding the correct name? Can your name decide your destiny? We at Rajnee definitely think so.

The right name, chosen by consulting the horoscope and planetary positions, can guide the child on a path to greatness. Such a name shall help the child reach unimaginable heights by correctly influencing his/her career, relationship and other important decisions.

The name most associated with bravery, leadership and courage is Shivaji. And there is one man by that name who stood as the epitome of courage and bravery to crores of Indian youngsters. That man is Chhatrapati Shivaji. And that is how to name astrology works. It feeds the bearer, personality traits that define their entire life decisions.

The Versatility of Astrology:

There is a widely acknowledged belief that astrology is only for Hindus. Even though most of the present-day astrology is based on the Vedic scriptures, most of which were written by the Hindus, astrology is not exclusive to Hindus alone.

It is a known fact that people of several faiths like Christianity, Buddhism and even Islam, believe and benefit from astrology.

In a recent survey, people of Canada and the USA have said that they believe in Vedic Astrology and would like for its services to continue in their homelands.

Is it also not known that places such as Kashi and Varanasi, which are realized as the boiling point of Vedic traditions are thronged by westerners and Europeans alike.

And for this purpose, Rajnee spiritual healer has a very active online website that caters to clients from across the world. The best astrologers from Kolkata provide astrology based counselling on a variety of topics ranging from career, education, relationships and health.

Can your name decide your destiny?

Both Vedic and Western astrology strongly believe that the name of a person is extremely important for an individual's life. Not only astrology but even modern science through years of careful research, has realized the role a name plays in a person's life decisions. Glad that science has caught up. But jokes apart, even astrology has modernized itself to be of better use to people around the world.

While most people assume that modernization would be the death knell for ancient Vedic traditions like astrology and numerology, companies like Rajnee spiritual healers have proved otherwise. Now is the best time to benefit from astrology because, in this age of internet and global media, astrology is only a click away. Let us discuss How Effective Is Numerology?


Numerology tells a person about their personality traits, character, behaviour, and future prospects as well. With the help of this numerical science, the best numerologist in Kolkata guides you about your relationships, health, educations, family, business, finance, marriage, love, success and other aspects of life.

With numerology, a person can make their life better even in the most difficult situations. Numerology can also help a person to explore their interests and hobbies. The numerological calculations also suggest the right place where you should stay. It reveals a lot about your personality. With the help of numerology, you can learn a lot about the vibration of the numbers and what they can teach you about yourself and your life.


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