How To Choose An Authentic Crystal Healer?

Crystal healing has become a popular option these days with more people becoming aware of its benefits. But the most difficult task is, ‘How to choose an authentic crystal healer?

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is the practice of using specific crystals and stones to cure ailments and heal people. It is based on the belief that crystals act as a point of energy flow where positive energy flows into the body and negative energy flows outward. There are various ways in which these crystals are placed. Sometimes they are positioned following the chakras of the body. They are placed in such a way as to create an energy grid.
The positioning of the stones is also based on the symptoms reported by the client. Each crystal and stone are attributed with its own power and meaning.

 Benefits of Crystal Healing

They are known to enhance mental well-being and improve the balance between various emotions and turmoil of our everyday life. They are even used as accessories such as bracelets or necklaces and are sometimes kept in the workplace or where we sleep. The electromagnetic vibrations possessed by these crystals are said to remove blockages and promote a natural flow of energy in our bodies.

These are some of the most common crystals used in crystal healing-

  • JADE- They are known for their healing properties and promoting longevity, peace, purity, and wisdom.
  • CITRINE- They are known to enhance creativity, confidence, prosperity, and digestion. It is suggested for people wishing to be successful in their business ventures.
  • ROSE QUARTZ- It is said to ward off negative feelings and harbour feelings of love, friendship, trust, and nurture relationships.
  • TURQUOISE- They are known to have detoxifying and healing effects. They are also said to have a positive effect on the mind. They stabilize our emotions and ward off feelings of fear and exhaustion.
  • CLEAR QUARTZ- They are recommended for healing the inner self and are considered to be a bridge of energy flow between our conscious and unconscious minds.
  • AMETHYST- It is used for meditative purposes. It is known to increase focus and clarity of mind and heal the body and soul.

Crystal Healers

Crystal healers are experts in understanding the effect of different crystals and designing a solution to solve the problems of their clients. They understand the symptoms and requirements of the client and work to devise a method to use these crystals in the most effective method to heal people. They help people in various ways such as enhance the mental well-being and connect with oneself on a much deeper level.

How To Choose An Authentic Crystal Healer?

Authentic crystal healer will possess’ certain qualities that may help you choose the right one-

  • Know the stones
  • Understand your issues
  • Ability to answer your questions
  • Possess sufficient knowledge

KNOW THE STONES- An authentic crystal healer would be able to identify the crystals and stones of various types. They would be able to explain the depth and power that each one holds. They know the value and the significance of the crystals and possess the ability to utilize them to heal you in the best possible way.

UNDERSTAND YOUR ISSUES- Whether it is a health issue or any other obstacles that you face in your life, authentic crystal healers will listen to you carefully. Based on your symptoms and issues you want to solve; they will know exactly what to do. They know how to use the crystals as well as where to place them to bring the maximum benefits.

ABILITY TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS- If your crystal healer is authentic, then he or she will be able to explain the healing process that you are about to undergo. Unauthorized or inexperienced healers would instead brush away the questions, explain in an unclear manner or avoid questions altogether. Thus, resulting in the customer feeling discomfort and not being able to trust the process. After all, for anything to work, trust becomes a thing of importance does it not?

POSSESS SUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE- Authentic crystal healers would have a vast amount of knowledge not only of the crystals but also of the various healing methods that can be used to heal the client emotionally as well as spiritually. Whether it is the chakra system where the crystals are placed on various parts of the body or whether it is a self-care meditative ritual, crystal healers would be able to figure out what will work best to solve your problems.

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