How To Prepare For Your First Hypnotherapy Session?


Hypnotherapy in Kolkata by Dr Rajnee Garg Kesri benefits numerous individuals. It helps them gain confidence, discover self-love, and break free from addictions. 

So, if you are planning to try hypnotherapy to improve your mental health, this article is for you. In this blog, Dr Kesri, the top hypnotherapist in Kolkata, gives you tips on how to mentally prepare for hypnosis. Following these tips will surely help you benefit from it.  She aims to provide the best experience with treatment by hypnosis. Break free from your trauma with treatment by hypnosis.

How do I prepare for my first hypnotherapy session?

Before you book your first appointment, do you know the benefits of hypnotherapy? You should know how hypnotherapy can help you.

Read our blog on “Ways in which hypnotherapy can change your life” to know more about this form of treatment. 

Remember, hypnotherapy is a tool that you should use to improve yourself. This therapy paves the way for you to work on your weaknesses and strengthen them. 

Here is a guideline you can follow to witness the change in yourself. 

1. Do your research:

Clear your mind of all the misconceptions you have regarding treatment by hypnosis. . Hypnotherapy is not what they show you on stage acts. You remain in full control of your body and mind during hypnosis. Know about what happens during a hypnotherapy session to rid your mind of your fears

2. Search for the right hypnotherapist for yourself:

Check the license and experience before you finalise a hypnotherapist in Kolkata. They should be adequately qualified to conduct hypnotherapy sessions. Learn what to look for in a good hypnotherapist to make sure that your treatment sessions are worth it. The above blog will tell you the right questions you need to ask to find a trustworthy hypnotherapist. Feeling comfortable with your hypnotherapist is the first step to getting success with treatment by hypnosis. Your mind will be receptive only when it feels free and safe.

3. Understand your purpose:

You need to identify the issue that you want to treat. Through hypnotherapy in Kolkata, we aim to improve the overall quality of life of our patients. However, different people have different concerns that hinder them from living life to the fullest. For example, some patients may need hypnotherapy to reduce their anxiety. Others may want to regularise their abnormal eating habits or quit addictions. 

Whatever the issue that you are struggling with, focus on that particular aspect. 

4. Be honest:

Be absolutely honest with your hypnotherapist. Do not withhold any information from them. They are licensed professionals and you can rest assured that your secrets are safe with them. 

Lying about any incident will hinder your healing. 

Make sure to inform your hypnotherapist of any physical condition that you may be suffering from. 

5. De-clutter your mind:

It may sound very hard. But there are simple ways you can try to do so. Get ample rest the day before your appointment. Take a walk in the morning. Jot down all the points that you want to share with your therapist on a piece of paper. Most importantly, reach the clinic before the scheduled time of your session. It will help you take time to relax. So, when your session starts, you feel restful.

6. Prepare your body:

You need to feel physically comfortable so that your mind can concentrate on the therapy session. Wear comfortable and roomy clothes. Do not smoke or drink right before your session. Come to the clinic sober. Munch on some light snacks about half an hour before your appointment so you won’t feel the hunger pangs in between. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Empty your bladder and rectum (if need be) right before you enter the hypnotherapist’s chamber.

7. Pay attention to the prep talk:

Before starting your session, your hypnotherapist will give you a prep talk. They will tell you about how hypnotherapy works and how they plan to proceed with your sessions. the hypnotherapist will suggest tips to enrich your experience. They will also try to lighten the atmosphere by interacting with you to ensure that you feel comfortable. 

Treatment by hypnosis
Treatment by hypnosis

8. Build trust: 

Building a bond with your hypnotherapist based on trust is crucial. Hypnotherapy is very much like guided meditation. For the therapy to work, you have to allow yourself to act according to your guide. In hypnosis, one’s mind is open to suggestions. Only when you trust your hypnotherapist will you act on the suggestions. To gain from hypnotherapy, it has to be a mutual approach. To gain from hypnotherapy, it has to be a mutual approach. There should be an understanding between you and your hypnotherapist in Kolkata.

9. Go with the flow:

Observe your breath pattern if you feel unable to concentrate. Visualise images in your mind that have a calming effect on you. Focus your attention on what your hypnotherapist is saying. Allow your thoughts to flow without judging them. 

Hypnotherapist in Kolkata
Hypnotherapist in Kolkata

10. Commit to change:

This is the most important point you have to implement in your life. You have to commit to positive change. Assess for yourself if you are determined to do so. On a scale of 1-10, rate your willingness to change for the better. If the score is anywhere below 7, treatment by hypnosis will not be of much help. 

Your hypnotherapist will give you assignments after every session. These assignments help you to practically apply the points from your session to your daily activities.  

About Dr. Rajnee Garg Kesri:

Dr Rajnee Garg Kesri is a renowned hypnotherapist in Kolkata. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who has many awards to her credit for her achievements. With 11 years of experience in holistic healing, she has helped many people achieve their goals in life. She has attended several workshops and practised alongside the biggest names in the industry. She is the trusted name for practising hypnotherapy in Kolkata. 

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