Online Tarot Card Reading Consultation


Many times in life, we are, faced with situations that we never expected. Problems that just feel never-ending and we are just completely lost. We just wish for God to put a hand on our back and guide us through the dreadful path we are walking on towards salvation. We just feel like we need someone to help us out of our misery. Without even knowing what is on the other side of all the pain and suffering we are, faced with; we just accept subconsciously that our future just might be completely bleak and hopeless. We keep asking ourselves is there any way to get out this? Is there anyone or anything that can guide us through all of this? The answer is a big YES. Dr. Rajnee R. Garg’s Online Tarot Card Reading Consultation can definitely help you to get through all of your problems.

What is Tarot Card Reading?

Ignorance leads to fear, and fear leads to hatred. Most of the people consider Tarot Card Reading to be a very scary and mystical art. However, that is not the case completely; it is a type of supernatural “tool” to identify the root cause of the problems and provide guidance to deal with them. Focus on the fact that it is a tool, and with every other tool in this world, what output this tool can provide you with, depends totally on how it is used, and to understand how to use it, it is important to know the various aspects related to it.

The tarot cards tell a story. There are 78 cards in the entire tarot deck; each one of them has an image on it, which presents some kind of symbolism that has some kind of a story related to it. These 78 cards are further, divided into a set of 56 Minor Arcana cards and 22 Major Arcana cards. The former represents the various spiritual lessons that we learn from time to time in our lives and the latter represents the various trials, tribulations, and hardships that we face in our daily life. Out of the 56 cards, 16 of these are, known as “16 Tarot Court cards” which represent the various human personalities, and the remaining 40 are, divided into “4 suits” of 10 cards each.

The four different suits are actually themes relating to physical, emotional, intellectual, and energy. Each of these themes has its own symbols for representation, Physical theme is, represented using Pentacles, Emotional is, represented using Cups, Swords represent Intellectual theme and Wands represent the Energy theme. The remaining 22 Major Arcana cards relate to the major events of a person’s life and are also known as trump cards.

When it comes to the use of this art, one must remember that just like astrology or any other mystic art, the point of Tarot cards is not to predict your future exactly. Many people, do fall prey to the common misconception that Tarot cards can tell you exactly the future that is about to come, develop unrealistic expectations, and when those expectations are not met, they lose complete faith in it. You cannot hope to climb a tree by laying it flat on the ground. Similar is with Tarot card readings, you cannot hope for them to be an accurate depiction of your future. However, if you understand the readings properly and find the root cause of your problems, you can surely find yourself in a better position than you are right now.

The power of the sub-conscious is immense. If you make a decision in your sub-conscious and bring it in your conscious mind, nothing can stop you from meeting your goals. The movie “Inception” is a great example of this. Tarot cards by nature create an instant connection with your sub-conscious. They help you to get in direct contact with your sub-conscious and make a strong unbiased decision. On the contrary, they can also act as an enabler. It may be the case that somewhere in your conscious mind you may have already made a decision but feel biased as to whether it is the right one or not. A Tarot card reading can help you get a confirmation on that decision.

Online Tarot Card Reading Consultation

Now that you know about what tarot card reading is, let us know something about Dr. Rajnee R. Garg. She is just phenomenal and does some of the best Tarot card readings in all of Kolkata. Surely, to practice this art requires a specific psychic talent and experience, and she has both of them in abundance. The art itself requires a very intricate connection as it is, based on intuition and Dr. Rajnee is an expert in that very aspect.

Traditionally if you would need to do a Tarot card reading, you would have to visit her physically, and it is logical too as a physical meeting would be more effective. However, in the current conditions, it is just not feasible for everyone to get out of their houses let alone attend a physical meeting. However, this does not mean that our problems would just stop completely; in fact, they have become even more difficult to solve if not increasing in numbers. Dr. Rajnee has therefore decided to provide a complete Online Tarot Card Reading Consultation. Even though a global pandemic has hit us, this has not stopped her from healing those who are hurt and need help desperately.

An Online Tarot Card Reading Consultation by Dr. Rajnee can help you in understanding your true self and the harmful behaviours and patterns. Your inner peace is our priority and to help you achieve it is their only goal. We want to make you spiritually connected and get you back on track so you can develop yourself better than ever.

If you want to start your journey to self-improvement, a tarot card reading is the best place for you to start. No matter how successful you are, there is always room for improvement and we are here to help you with just that. You do not need a tarot card reading to make a decision to contact us; just your conscious decision to bring out a change is enough and leave the rest to us.


In summary, tarot cards are responsible for representing the various spiritual and karmic lessons that we experience throughout our lives. The Tarot cards are not just some fancy ink on paper, they, in fact, try to tell a story. Moreover, when we try to understand the story they are trying to tell us, it feels like we are holding a mirror in front of us reflecting on our own subconscious mind and all its decisions and experiences. They are a tool for finding the reasons behind all your problems and help you to guide yourself through them with a bias-free thought process. Dr. Rajnee Garg is an expert in tarot card reading and she with her team is always glad to help you with that.