The Role of Access Bars in Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness is basically a type of mental therapy that helps a person in gainingthe ability to have full command over their conscious.Access consciousness allows an individual to discover and explore the opportunities that they had never given a thought to. In simpler words, access consciousness makes you believe in yourself, makes you aware of the fact that nobody can convince you to not do something you plan on doing.

Currently available in more than 173 countries around the world, access consciousness has been helping in bettering thousands of people’s lives over the past 30+ years. It’s the undeniable qualityof this therapy that attracts people in.

The motive of this form of consciousness is to bring awareness and confidence to a person and free them from the fear of judgement; whether it’s their own or somebody else’s about them. The method of access consciousness follows a pattern of tools, which uplifts a person to maximum heights to achieve whatever they desire.

One of the main tools used in the process is called Access Bars. It’s a sort of energy healing paradigm which consists of 32 specific points on the head. These points are gently touched or massaged for the stimulation of positivity in the brain. This technique makes a person feel more relaxed and at peace as they feel stress leaving their body and getting replaced by a positive attribute.

Access to one’s potential, to bring the spotlight to their power, is what’s needed for our generation. A massive number of the youth struggles to have faith in themselves because of underlying insecurities and low self-esteem. Access consciousness holds the power to change an individual’s life in a better, more practical manner.

Access Bars At a Glance

Access Bars, the 32 points on the head, are caressingly touched to smoothly free you from any barrier that’s trying to stop you. It’s an extremely effortless technique that stimulates the points to bring new, positive thoughts, beliefs, feelings, ideologies, and emotions into action.

The bars are meant to provide relief and a sense of ease to explore newer opportunities.These bars are gently placed on the mentioned 32 points and then touched carefully and slowly. This method was first brought into existence by Gary Douglas in the year of 1990.

While the bars are softly stimulated, the electromagnetic tendencies of the brain allow unwanted components to be released. Access bars twist and bend one’s perspective and decision making to be more accurate and precise.

How It Works

An access bar therapy session starts with the practitioner carefully placing the bars on the 32 points of stimulation. Then, the bars are gently touched which releases an electromagnetic charge. This charge proceeds to navigate through the person’s feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and decisions.

While having your bars run, your brain becomes more accepting of different sides and chances of a situation which you might initially be limiting yourself to. Not only does this session feel like an incredible massage, but it, in fact, brings you to a newer, greater version of yourself.

Those who have gone through this therapy review it as intense relaxation as they drift off to sleep, unbothered from any kind of interruption or disturbance. The session might also make one see flashes of pictures, sparks of colours, or feel sensations like twitches and warmth.

Benefits of Access Bars

One of the major benefits of having the bars run is an improvement of mental health. Depression and anxiety seem to tone down after the therapy.

The bars are proven to minimise the intensity of insomnia. With a relaxed, stress-free mind, one falls asleep quicker and maintains the slumber to be uninterrupted from any disturbances.

A visibly positive outlook on life and unlimited thought motif is obtained through the therapy of access consciousness.

The mood is also deeply affected for the good. A boost in happiness, excitement and enthusiasm can be noticed.

Mental and emotional intelligence sparks up to greater heights by the use of access bars. It motivates a person to be confident, do better problem solving, and always aim at higher standards of achievements.

When all these areas of a person are modified with optimism, it results in the maintenance of relationships with others as well.

All these aspects of access consciousness and access bars were thoroughly studied by the genius neuroscientist, Dr Jeffery Fannin. Dr Fannin revealed that a study shows that access bars possess neurological benefits that lead to the betterment of the society. In addition, the practice of accessing consciousness has been labelled just as beneficial as meditation.

If you’re interested in seeking more information about this type of therapy or want to book a session, head over to for a detailed summary of the services we provide. Dr. Rajnee Garg has been a specialist in this field with several certifications and is determined to spread the word of a better way of living.

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