The Story of Space Clearing

The universe we live in is constituent to various forms of energy, that is consistently changing. That changing energy is also included in our homes and contents. Thus, negative energy can influence our lifestyle by not being healthy, caring, loving, and lavish. So, clearing this negative energy is what we know as space clearing. By clearing the negative form of energy, life will become radiant and full of positivity. In this blog, we will read about The Story of Space Clearing.

Space Clearing

The healing process of space clearing is also known as a house blessing. Meaning removing and clearing all sorts of negative energy in-home or a particular area. This spiritual or religious practice is intended to protect the people from the future or current misfortunes. Space clearing is followed by many religious groups like Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism from ancient times. This healing process is typically performed by Priests, monks, and qualified astrologists. Also, this practice is further extended to the cultures of Native American groups and South American groups.


Every modern-day ritual is initially originated from ancient practices. The space clearing ritual follows the concepts which were originated from Morocco, Peru, and Native American groups. Initially, the Native Americans used various herbs like sweetgrass, cedar, and Sage to smudge their areas. The reason why they choose these herbs was that the smoke which was created while burning the herbs would attach the negative energy and spirit. Therefore, taking away the negative energy with the smoke. Whereas the middle eastern areas used Salts to cleanse the area and for Tibetan rituals, they mix salts with saffron as per their beliefs that spices repel the evil and dark energies.

In other regions like Peru, they call Space clearing rituals ‘Despacho’ to bring balance between mother earth, people, and other good or evil spirits. Their ritual Ayni Despacho is practised by the priests where they offer prayers with flower petals, sweets, and other offerings. This is believed to remove the old negative spirits and energy while bringing in the new and positive spirits and energies.


The ritual of space clearing itself has various methods and accurate time to initiate it. Some true space cleaners use different mantras to detect the spirits and remove dark energy. But it is dependent on the person what kind of method or procedure they want. Many people, astrologists, and priests believe that there is an accurate time to initiate this ritual, for instance, doing space cleaning after moving into a new space, ending a relationship, selling a home, if someone senses bad energies, or before and after gatherings.

Whatever the method is, the main aim is to remove the negative spirits and energies. You can notice some space cleaners using traditional methods, chanting some mantras, or some use astronomical crystals, balls, bells, and other sources.

The Right Time to Clear the Space

The person who is rooting for cleansing must know the right time as it is very important. Therefore, anytime someone has a feeling of unsettlement, like seeing fights occasionally at home or facing several traumas. That moment is the exact indicator that you need a ritual for cleansing up space. Also, as a fact space cleansing is not just rooted in homes, but it can also be done in offices, cars, or a particular yard or area.

Natural Cleansing

The simplest way to cleanse a place from dark energies is to make it clean and safe. Therefore, always remember to make your workspace, house, yard, or any place you spend more time to be clean. And this cleaning needs to be done from time-to-time. Do not let any webs to build at your place nor some dust. As these are the basic properties for the negative energies to develop. So, by physical cleaning, you may notice some change. 

Why was and still this Ritual Necessary?

Every culture has its form of cleansing. It gives a higher level of cleaning of the house or a particular area. To keep a balance between the energies, this process is quite necessary as normal cleaning might not fully help to discard very strong negative spirits and energies. These energies are so strong that they get imprinted on the material of the place like the walls, curtains, floors, and other materials. Every person has their level of energy that can also affect the other person. If a person enters into a room that just had an argument, they can feel the trauma and negativity in the air. These strong energies can easily disbalance the state of mentality. The blog specifies the Story of Space Clearing.

Therefore, space clearing is the most effective ritual to make your spaces comfortable and fill your life with positivity. A professional spiritual healer, astrologist, or priest can do these rituals with the appropriate method and time. This was a By clearing the negative form of energy, life will become radiant and full of positivity. This was the Story of Space Clearing.

Dr Rajnee R. Garg

A certified and well-known Numerologist, Spiritual healer, and Tarot Card Reader. Dr Rajnee Garg has expertise in her field with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Hypnotherapy, Space clearing, Crystal healing, Past life regression, and much more. So, to have the best experience for space clearing in Kolkata, her knowledge and excellence in the field are recommended.