What Are Tarot Cards And How Do They Work?

Tarot cards - spooky, mysterious, black magic! Not really…... So, what are tarot cards and How do they work?

Tarot cards consist of a deck of 78 cards comprising the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana involves four different suits with 14 cards each; the suits being-

  • PENTACLES- represents the physical theme or material resources
  • CUPS- represents the emotions
  • SWORDS- represents the intellectual theme; your mind
  • WANDS- represents the everlasting energy and creativity

Thus, leaving us with the remaining most significant 22 cards known as the Major Arcana or Trump Cards. They represent events of utmost importance in a person’s life. Being much more powerful, they affect the meaning of the minor arcana.

The minor arcana represents specific instances or peoples at distinct points in a person’s life.


When you choose a tarot card, you transfer your energy into it, which provides potential hindsight of different areas of your life that includes your past, present, and future.

They uncover deeper meanings and reach out to your inner intuition and wisdom that allows a competent reader to guide the course of action. The imagery of the cards gives access to the deeper connection and intuition of the subconscious mind. They are a reflection of you and are more like a book that makes you visualize your life.

When tarot cards are interpreted with great depth and insight, they become guiding forces that allow you to make positive decisions that impact your future.


Tarot cards are beneficial tools that help you move forward through different circumstances and situations in your life by opening new possibilities, giving more insight, and looking at things in a way like never before. They could deal with your current situation, your past or future, your relationships, and ultimately provide some clarity of your life.

Depending upon the card you pick, each one will have different meanings in different positions on a spread which depends upon the reader. The reader, based on her methodologies, will give an interpretation that will depend upon not only the position of the chosen card but also of that of the neighboring cards.


As much as the interpretation of the tarot card is important, so is asking the right questions with the right mindset. Your mindset and the quality of your question is the key to unlock the mystery, that will guide you the course of action and manifest your desires.

So, how to ask quality questions?

  • OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS- Ask open-ended questions that allow room for more insight and reflection. This way, instead of getting a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ you can reflect deeper and divulge into gems of wisdom that may help your overall decision.
  • LEVEL OF DETAIL- It is crucial to ask focused questions but not to such an extent that complicates the whole process. Thus, providing an opportunity to share unexpected information such as blockages that keeps you from achieving your goals or emotions that lurk beneath.
  • For example, instead of asking ‘Will I get a job?’, you might ask ‘What are the obstacles I must overcome to secure a job?’


  • STAYING NEUTRAL- preconceived notions prevent helpful insights and opportunities that may pose a hindrance while making the right decision.
  • POSITIVITY- having a positive attitude is equally important as it brings you one step closer to your dream rather than whining over the obstacles
  • FOCUS ON YOURSELF- when tarot reading is for you, make sure your question revolves around you. Trusting your intuition and the deeper energy is very important. For it is that deeper energy, that draws you towards choosing the right card.


We hope that this helps you in understanding what are tarot cards and how do they work? Tarot card reading, a form of cartomancy, is a skill that is instilled in a few gifted personalities. It is most beneficial and accurate when the reader posses an inner physic ability and a deeper connection to the tarot deck in addition to its interpretation. Tarot card reading is a complex and intricate process with different methodologies adopted by various readers depending upon their skills.

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