What happens in Past Life Regression?

Have you ever felt that there was something so deep in your memories or some impressions that you could never make sense of? Or the reason behind your unexplainable phobias and anxieties? Well, the answer to your question may lie in the past- your past lives. Past Life Regression is one such way that taps into your deeper self to uncover your previous life. But, ‘What happens in past life regression?

What is Past life Regression?

Past life regression is a method or a process in which, a peek is taken into the memories of your past lives or incarnations. It is done with the help of hypnosis.
It is believed that those memories have been buried deep underneath because of the noisy and stressful life that we live today.

Benefits of Past life Regression

There are many reasons why past life regression may be beneficial for you.

  • It helps you to reconnect with the experiences of your past life. And learn from them.
  • It helps you to understand your present sufferings and ailments and their connections with your past life.
  • It allows you to explore your previous life and current soulmate experiences. Many of us experience some unexplained feelings of having deep connections to certain places. Past life regression allows you to explore and understand the reasons.
  • It also helps you understand and acknowledge the key lessons learned through your past lives.
  • Sometimes, it allows you to uncover traumatic experiences or illness that you might have faced in your past life, but affects your current state of life. It may affect your current state of well-being and may be connected with your present phobias or anxiety issues.
  • It enables you to resolve unexplained emotions and impressions that you might have carried over. It helps you explore those emotions and resolve the fears and beliefs that have been imprinted upon you but were beyond your imagination and understanding.
  • It helps you connect with yourself by removing the blocks or by giving you a deeper understanding of your current struggles and sufferings.

 What happens in Past life Regression?

In past life regression, the person is put into a hypnotic state. Then they are slowly guided through their thoughts and memories. Through this way, their memories and experiences of their past lives are unlocked and explored. This enables the person to not only understand their unexplained thoughts or emotions but also allows them to learn from their past lives.
It enables them to discover their inner potential and connect with themselves. Moreover, it provides a second chance for them to work upon their negative qualities and impressions for a better future

It gives them inner peace by providing them with answers. These answers are the key to the strange memories of places they have never visited, phobias, anxieties, and strange feelings of déjà vu.
There may be many signs indicating your past life. They can be observed through vivid dreams and some strange memories of your past life during the day. Other hints may include feeling paranoid or having phobias without being able to explain the reason or the traumatic experience that might have caused them. In some cases, you might also feel that you belong to a different ethnicity or be fluent in a language or culture that you had no prior knowledge of.

Who benefits from Past life Regression?

 People suffering from unexplainable health issues and phobias find relief and comfort by finding solutions through past life regression. It is also beneficial for people who are dealing with constant bad luck and can never seem to get back on the right side of the road.
Past life regression does not only help you uncover and overcome traumatic experiences. They also show you the happiness you might have experienced in your past life. Sometimes, seeing yourself shining bright in your past life, could serve as a sense of motivation to understand your strength and power.

We help you by acting as a bridge between you and your deeper self. By connecting you with your past life experiences, we bring forth many hidden emotions and strengths that can prove to be beneficial in your current life.

Dr.Rajnee Garg is a highly experienced numerologist, spiritual healer, a certified tarot card reader as well as a past life regression therapist. She has learnt this skill alongside Dr. Trupti Jayin of ‘Raaz pichlejanam ka’ fame making her one of the best past life regression therapists in Kolkata. Her experience and knowledge in occult science and alternative healing has made her one of the most sought out professionals in the country.
She has won many awards including the very prestigious “Woman Achiever of India” certificate of excellence and award by the Foundation People to mark a wonderful milestone in her excellent career.

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