What is the Significance of Numerology?

We have all heard common sayings that the number 13 is a cursed number, or that 3 am in the morning is a time when spirits lurks. Do these numbers have any significance or are they all myths to scare children? Let us try to understand what the significance of numbers have been on both civilization and individuals. What is the Significance of Numerology in our day to day lives?

Numerology is the belief that numbers have divine relations to your life. It is a belief that each single-digit number has significance towards the events in your life. It is a division under astrology.


Numerology was first discovered in Egypt and Babylon, modern numerology is accredited to the Greek Philosopher Pythagoras. He believed that everything in this world is built on the power of numbers. He travelled to Egypt to study about Chaldean numerology for twenty-two years.

In Hinduism, numerology is used to study almost every quality of a person to understand their effect on the world and the events that will occur to that person in their lifetime. It is crucial in predicting wise decisions for the future to ensure success and fortune. 

In general, numerology can be associated with any set of number, however, in Hinduism, the numbers from 1 to 9 have its very own significance. This is because they represent planetary deities. What is the Significance of Numerology?


The basic significance of numerology is to make reasonable predictions about the character of that person. It is also useful to predict the destiny of that person; answering questions about their future and purpose in life can quell a lot of their curiosity and fear about the future.

It relies on radical and rational thinking. However, it is a form of pseudo-science. There is a big difference between a fake numerologist and a good numerologist. They are able to manipulate the relation between numbers and the human psychology and philosophy in order to gain results.

Birth number, destiny number and name number are important numbers in numerology. By knowing these numbers, a numerologist can predict the personality, behaviour, mental health, physical health, relationships, career prospects, etc. This numbers can be calculated by adding the number of your birth date, for more inquiry, contact a numerologist.

Numbers : 0 to 9

As already discussed about the significance of each number between 1 to 9, we know that they have an impact on your life.  

Shunya (Zero)

Zero has no planetary deity, it is Shunya in Sanskirt which means empty or that it has no value. However, it can also be spiritual metaphor for The One, showing that everything born from this world comes from nothingness. Alternatively, giving someone an amount of money that ends in zero is not wanted since it represent a void. So people usually give 1,001 rather than 1000.

Eka (One)

One is associated with the awakened Brahman. The number, 1 is said to be the creator of everything. It is the opposite of chaos, it is significance of oneness that exists between all creatures in the world. It symbolizes power, leadership and ambition. It has many positive and strong connotations.

Dvi (Two)

Unlike Eka, it represents duality; the doer and the deed, Brahman and Atman. It signifies the harmony between two individual. A person associated with this number is empathetic, gifted at taking care of others. They may have high musicality. Their main objective is to create harmony between the people.

Triah (Three)

Triah embodies perfection. It signifies by Ram, the rhythm and order of the world. It is what brings meaning to creation. The personality associated with it is that of an outgoing, optimistic and expressive person.

Chatur (Four)

Dharma is the fourth aspect of creation. It regulates the rules of religions and morality. It helps preserver the order set up by Ram. The swast is an ancient Hindu symbol and it has four sides to it. The person with four as a number is a builder, a rock for people to rely on. They are analytical and strong-headed.

Panchan (Five)

Panchan represents the earth. It signifies many things like the five sense in our body : smell, touch, see, hear, taste. A person gives this number to is an adventurous, inquisitive, explorer and a free spirit. They cannot be contained in one place, they bring excitement to life.

Shastan (Six)

It represents the human mind, which is the crux of our emotions, awareness and reason. It is a very strong number. The personality of a person with this number is helping, nurturing and responsible.

Saptan (Seven)

Hindu scriptures write about the different planes of existence, out of which, seven is the earthly plane. It’s interesting in Hinduism there are seven holy rivers, seven holy temples, and seven sacred places. The person with this number is a philosopher, an intelligent person, a prodigy in the sciences. They are analytical in their quest for knowledge.

Astan (Eight)

It symbolizes the division between the space and the divinities i.e the sons of Aditi, the Primal Goddess. There are eight adityas. A person with eight as their number is energetic and hardworking. They will be strong leaders, they have an immense sense of authority and command over people.

Navan (Nine)

It is the last of the numbers and also the highest. There are nine planets in Hindu astronomy, after which the days of the week are named; the last two are not counted. People with nine as their number are independent, free-thinking and have infinite potential. They prefer to be alone rather than with people.

This was an insight into the Significance of Numerology in Hinduism. There is a lot to know about numbers. It is very interesting to know that every number in the world has meaning. To learn more about your numerology, contact Dr Rajnee Garg, the best numerologist in Kolkata. She has an immense knowledge about numerology, to help you with their inquiries about your life and your destiny for the best information.