What is Your Life Path Number?

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain numbers? Or do you have a set of numbers that you consider lucky? Do you come across certain numbers everywhere?

The answers to the above questions lie in numerology. Yes, as the name implies Numerology is the study of numbers. Like Astrology, Numerology also decides a lot of important things in your life. Numbers are symbolic in life because it indicates many significant things in life. It reveals to you information about the world, about a person and a lot about you. Each number has a trait associated with it.

Many people visit Numerologists to fix the date of something auspicious or religious ceremonies. Why do you think they do this? Because every number has a divine representation.

Researchers claim there is nothing more than numeric that a number reveals. It is simply a digit. But Numerologists believe that everything in this world is connected and then the entire universe works on a simple system. And once this breaks down, it is reduced to basic elements which are nothing but numbers. A practitioner of Numerology believes numerology has spiritual significance. What is your life path number

Like Astrology which deals with the mystic relationship between the universe and the cosmos, Numerology also deals with the divine relationship between numbers. In Astrology, every zodiac sign has some associated traits that tell how a person’s life will be, their career, education, and other important aspects. Numerology does the same in determining the numbers. The date you choose for your interview, or the date of the start of your examination, everything tells a lot about your choices.

How Can Numerology Help You?

When you visit an astrologer, he draws up your birth chart and predicts your future. It guides you in your life. You cope better with the adversities of your life. Similarly, numerology can guide you with numbers.

  • Numerology gives you a life purpose. When you find out your life path number you will find out the true purpose of life.
  • Numerology reassures you that you are on the right path. It gives you a direction in life.
  • Numerology will show you your true potential and help you discover your strength and weakness.
  • Numerology prepares you for the challenges life throws at you. It provides you with a tool to better prepare yourself.
  • Numerology will also enable you to take advantage of every situation, thus turning your problems into opportunities.
  • Numerology will guide you to take important decisions, be it buying a new property, or 

Life Path Number

Life Path Number is the lucky number of your life which is quite similar to your astrological sun sign. You can find out your life number from your date of birth. Life number helps you find out the greater purpose of your life. It also shows you your strength and weaknesses, aims, and skills and gives you answers to why things are happening in your life.

The life path number is a single-digit number that you can find out with a simple equation. Simply take your date of birth, add the day, month, and year separately. This way you get your numerical value and keep adding them until you end up with a single digit. This single digit you obtained by adding the digits is your Life Path Number. Sounds complicated? Read the example below.

Say your date of birth is 13th March 1995. So, it is 13.03.1995. Your equation would look like (1+3) + (0+3) + (1+9+9+5)

= 4+3+ 24

Since 24 is a double-digit number, we should reduce it to a single digit, and to do so we should add 2+4. The answer is 6.

Now, add 4, 3, and 6 together. You get 13. Finally, add 1+3 and you get 4. 4 is your birth number.

There’s one exception to this rule. In numerology, 11 and 22 are considered master numbers. So, you don’t ever reduce them to a single digit. They have special significance.

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