Which Vastu Plants In Your Home Are Good For You And Your Family?


Indoor plants purify the atmosphere and complement your home décor. But did you know that keeping Vastu plants in the home boosts positive vibrations inside the home and attracts good luck, peace, and prosperity? Vastu plants inside the home improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

However, keeping the plants in the right direction is as important as keeping the right plants. In this blog, we will give you an insight into 6 lucky Vastu plants for your home and the correct direction of placing them. Stay with us to ensure that your home is vibrant with happiness and flourishing with the help of indoor Vastu plants.

Which is the luckiest plant for home?

Different indoor Vastu plants are significant in their own way. Each Vastu plant has unique properties that offer certain advantages. We recommend keeping several Vastu plants in the house if your space allows. Here, we will present to you a list of 6 lucky Vastu plants for your home. We will also tell you where you should keep Vastu plants at home to achieve their maximum benefits. 

Lucky Vastu plants for home
Lucky Vastu plants for home

1. Money plant:

The money plant, also known as “golden pothos” is one of the most widely used indoor Vastu plants. Being a hardy plant, it requires very little maintenance. The lustrous green leaves help lower stress and anxiety. These plants attract abundance and prosperity into one’s home and help overcome stressful financial situations. They are one of the best air purifiers. Hence, they remove negative energies and supply you with fresh and pure oxygen to breathe in.

Direction – 

According to Vastu, Lord Ganesha rules over the Southeast direction. He helps overcome financial troubles and showers devotees with wealth and success. So, keeping the money planted in the Southeast direction indoors is especially beneficial. You may also put it in the East.

However, if you are keeping it on the balcony, you may place it in the North direction. 

NEVER keep a money plant in the Northeast direction. 

2. Snake plant:

If you are not a plant parent, start with a snake plant as part of introducing Vastu plants in the home. They are easy to grow. One of the main benefits of the snake plant is that it removes major types of toxins:

  • Toxins from the air (such as formaldehyde) 
  • Allergens present in the air
  • Radiation from different electronic devices (phones, laptops, TV, etc)

It helps remove carbon dioxide from the air and provides sufficient oxygen into the room. It increases positive vibrations and promotes good health. When you place it near the window, it directs the stream of oxygen from the environment into your room.

Direction – 

Keep the snake plant in the South or East direction of your bedroom for positivity. You may also place them on your work desk where your laptop emits the maximum radiation. Wherever you place this plant, do not crowd the area with other plants.

3. Tulsi:

Also known as the Holy Basil, this is a Vastu plant found in most Indian homes. It is well known for removing negative and evil energies from the home. So, if you ever feel like your home has been under the evil eye for some time, keeping the Tulsi Vastu plant inside your home can be particularly beneficial. It also acts as a blood and air purifier. It emits significant amounts of oxygen, thereby, producing a pure environment. Hence, it helps reduce stress in the household. A plant with important medicinal benefits, it possesses spiritual energy too. Hence, you can restore the last harmony in your home with the help of the Tulsi plant. 

Direction – 

Place it in either of the three directions: North, East, or Northeast. You may either grow it on the balcony or indoors near the window. But make sure that it receives ample sunlight. 

4. Lucky bamboo:

Keep the lucky bamboo as a Vastu plant inside the house. It ushers in joy, peace, happiness, fame, and prosperity, and helps maintain balance in the home. It removes pollutants from the surroundings, thereby, preventing several diseases. They are considered auspicious gifts for wishing fame and success to the other person. 

The number of stalks present in the plant represents different aspects, such as, 

21 stalks – abundance in health and wealth

10 stalks – good health, good luck, joy, prosperity

7 stalks – good health

5 stalks – good luck

Direction – 

Place it in the East direction to achieve maximum health benefits. Place it in the Southeast direction to achieve health and success. You can also keep it on the work desk as it promotes concentration of the mind. 

5. Jade:

As per Chinese traditions, jade is the epitome of good luck and fortune. Jade represents growth and regeneration. It helps strengthen friendships. It helps increase positive vibrations. You may even gift it to someone as a housewarming gift. 

Direction – 

We bet you have always wondered which plant should be kept at the main door. If yes, then, this is the one! Keeping the Jade plant in the Southeast direction of your main entrance protects your house from malefic influences. However, do not keep it in the bathroom or the bedroom as it attracts negativity that way. 

6. Citrus plants:

Citrus plants are known to bring luck and positivity into your home. The fruits of citrus plants represent prosperity. Hence, the more fruits growing in your plant, the luckier you are! A lemon tree is especially significant in this aspect. Lemon trees remove the Vastu dosha in your home. Hence, it is a highly lucky Vastu plant for the home. When the fruits and flowers bloom, it generates a sweet aroma. This brings peace and serenity into your house. 

Direction – 

Place citrus plants in the South or West direction of your garden.


Plants have always been part of Man’s household due to the innumerable benefits they provide. Vastu plants in the home add to this by inculcating positive energies. Even if you are a very busy person, just a little maintenance will be enough for them to grow.

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