Guide To Space Clearing

In today's blog, we are going to discuss the basics of space clearing and the guide to space clearing. Space clearing, at the offset, may sound like a term related to interior design, which is a materialistic realm. But that is not the case with the space clearing that we are about to discuss today, which is closely entwined with spirituality and its benefits.

Space clearing is extensively affiliated to several spiritual practices from around the world, of which Feng Shui is one. Feng Shui advocates the use of space clearing in boosting the positive energy in our work while simultaneously negating the presence of negative energy.


Literally, space clearing as it's name implies, is about cleaning the physical space in and around your personal place like your room, puja room or other such rooms. But it is not the be all and end all of space clearing. Space clearing in spiritual sciences like Feng Shui, is a metaphorical way to attain clarity of thought by clearing up the negativity that occupy our soul and mind.

Like the dust and filth that inhabits the rooms and other physical places after a day of wild activity, our mind too feels cluttered when filled with negative and destructive thoughts.

When we go about cleaning our physical space, it becomes a spiritual exercise wherein our negative claustrophobic emotions are cleared making way for positive emotions to refresh our mind, soul and body.

For beginners, space clearing can be a light-hearted and fun activity like clutter clearing that can be done once or twice a month. But on the other hand, experienced people indulge in space clearing only once or twice a year. Because the space clearing practised by them is significantly different from the light space clearing of beginners.

They involve the use of essential oils, sages and smudge stick to bring about a complete change in their surroundings and in their minds as well.
As with every other trend, space clearing, which has also become a trend in several western and again countries, too has been capitalised on by companies aiming to provide accessories that make space clearing easier. Rather than postponing the inevitability of modernity, it is better for us to embrace it with widespread arms and implement it in our space clearing practices.

For example, most people are reluctant to use smudge sticks because of their tendency to harm people with respiratory problems.
Smudge sticks are mostly used to clear the pungent smell that pervades rooms and other such personal places. Sage sticks have been in use since the middle ages as deodorants in altars of churches.

Space clearing, which considers sage sticks as an integral part, won't be completed satisfactorily without their presence. To overcome this problem, air sprays are being sold in the market, which functions as smudge sticks in liquid form, without any emissions of smoke.


The spiritual exercise called Space clearing has rewards galore for its habitual practitioners, so much so that, the benefits of space clearing are clearly visible within moments.
Apart from the usual cleaner personal space and fragrance, space clearing has other lesser-known benefits for the practitioner.

    Most people who practice space clearing often choose their bedrooms as their personal space. Hence, the cleaner and fresher atmosphere that space clearing provides improves sleep.
    It is a well documented fact that space clearing of one's personal space helps in boosting the energy level of practitioner.
    Spiritually speaking, unwanted and bad spirits are the primary reason for the negative energy that surrounds most of us, which causes severe psychological problems like depression and anxiety. Space clearing plays an important role in driving out all such unwanted spirits.


From the simplest of all everyday tools to expensive products of import, space clearing makes use of many tools in its practice. Some of them are:

  1. Bells
  2. Bowls
  3. Chimes
  4. Crystals
  5. Oils
  6. Incense sticks
  7. Seashells


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