Healing Crystals And Their Meanings

Crystals have always been revered for their beauty and power in every part of the world. These Crystals are precious stones and are known to have healing powers. Crystals which have healing powers and are used to heal people are known as healing crystals.

Whether as a protective stone, a talisman against harm, or a way of overcoming the negative energy of others, there are as many uses for each different type of crystal.

Healing Crystals

Crystals and semi-precious stones of different origins, colours and vibrations can bring calming and peaceful energies which help you grow as well as overcome difficulties in life.

Crystal Healing is a technique in which the crystals act as a channel for positive and healing energy to flow into the body, causing negative energy to be drawn out. Healing crystals are known to help in the prevention and curing of diseases.

Using crystals as an effective form of practising self-care and healing is becoming incredibly popular.

The energies of these healing crystals are indiscriminate so one can enjoy the benefits of healing crystals by wearing them as jewellery, practising meditation with them or by just placing them in your house.

How do healing crystals work?

Crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans, because of this comforting feeling, it helps you connect better and feel at ease. Balancing crystals can also help match the misaligned energy levels.

The energies of healing crystals can be used to help one’s physical body and activate their mental energies.

Types of Crystals

Different types of crystals are used for different reasons. Some help with depression, few help make peace in a troubled relationship, the birthstones for different months of the year etc.

  1. Raw crystals are often considered to be the most powerful healing stones. They are natural formations that are strikingly gorgeous, powerful and energizing.
  2. Crystal slices are another very nice way of enhancing the beauty of a crystal as well as bringing out its inner energies.
  3. Crystals in jewellery, pendants, pendulums and wands are all more refined ways of attracting and working with the energies of these stones.

Let’s look at a few healing crystals and their meaning:


Amethyst is a crystal known to be used to help people connect to their spirituality and improve their psychic abilities. It helps calm one’s mind and also cures hangovers and drunkenness.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is also known as the ‘love crystal’ since it is used for attracting, protecting and balancing relationships. It also helps to heal your heart from disappointment and pain.


This is the perfect stone to balance your life, make you calm and clear away all stress and negative feelings. It also helps in dealing with anxiety.

Raw Emerald

This is another stone for a ‘successful love’. It clears negativity and encourages loyalty and sensitivity in relationships.

Quartz Crystal

This crystal has a pure and powerful energy source. This crystal can make you feel more active and alert. It can boost your energy.

Agate Crystal

Agate is known for balancing the mind, body and spirit. It transforms negativity into positivity and heals inner anger, anxiety and helps in the strengthening of relationships.


Amazonite can help to expose and break through karmic patterns held over from prior incarnations and lifetimes.

It is a stone of bravery –It can awaken your courage and keep you from repeating the same mistakes over and over.


Aquamarine calms and purifies the body and the mind. It is especially good for sensitive people to gather courage and face their fears.

Desert Rose

This crystal is sometimes used during meditation as access to past and future lives. It is calming and rejuvenates our energy and willpower.

 Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystal is considered to be a “master healer.” It amplifies energy and improve concentration and memory. They even help stimulate the immune system and balance out the entire body.

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