Secrets Of Space Clearing

What is space clearing?

Does it simply mean brooming, mopping, dusting or cleaning your house of environment?
Space clearing may be a distinctive method that clears and lifts stagnation of negative energy and aura or significant imprinted energies of your surroundings. It helps in supporting your own clarity, peace, vitality and momentum in life.
If you find yourself unsettled, procrastinating, perpetually pushing against the flow, generally stagnant at home or feeling swamped, space clearing clears the old energies that may be affecting you and re-energizes you.

How clear space leads to clear mind?

Scientifically speaking, a research conducted by University of New Mexico in 2016 showed that clutter hinders our perception of home and prevents from experiencing satisfaction with life. It might be so because most of us identify and connect with our home environment so deeply that it inevitably denies us a state of well-being.
It becomes clearer in later stages of life when we become fully engaged in life’s responsibilities and duties that we feel there is the undeniable need for clearing our space.

How space clearing affects your life?

Space clearing affects our lives in numerous ways. We can understand its importance one we apply it on our lives. The secrets of space clearing lie clear in front of us on an open field yet we fail to see it.
Space clearing provides-

  • A positive, clear and illuminated environment and space
  • Energy and enjoyment of life if you’ve been feeling tired or stressed
  • A lift that heightens your spirits after you’ve been feeling low
  • A fresh view, helping you to move on from a difficult time
  • Lesser duration of completion of work and daily chores

It is easy to clear your space

There is a common misconception that it takes a lot of time and effort to clear your space and start your transition to a more blissful and spiritual environment. However, unless you are planning to go radical and want limit your possessions to few items, clearing your space should not be stressful.

If you plan to clear space gradually and most importantly, if you know your own ‘why?’, the shift will be comfortable and smooth. Although, clearing the space is not as easy as it may seem like as it is a lifestyle change which means willpower and effort is required.

If you’ve been gathering possessions for years and feel materialistic attachments to many things, you will have to learn to detach.

How to clear your space and the secrets of space clearing

Everything that you possess and that you may, shall or will, always be a miniscule amount of matter in this long scheme of life and energy. Clearing your space isn’t as troublesome as you think it might be!
The secrets of space clearing lies in minimalism.

Revise your possessions

  • Keeping in track of- what you require,
  • what you want to remove, or
  • what you need to donate,
  • can help you in getting rid of extra thing that is cluttered in the house.

Evaluating social life

Spend some time in analyzing who are you spend your time with. If there are connections that bring you negative emotions, has no space for self-development, or anything else you think is important, reconsider if such connections should still be a part of your life.

Evaluating work life

If your work or job isn’t serving you your goals, taking a lot from you and you have nothing at the end of the day to offer yourself, then it is a wise decision to reconsider changing your stream.

Open your shutters during the day

Having a bright and illuminated room during the day can make you have a clear picture of what’s needed and what’s not in your room, what needs to go into the storage room and what needs to be donated.
A bright room clears your mind and clears up emotional debris which in turn affects your possessions.

Take one step at a time

Clearing up your space isn’t a thing that you can achieve overnight. It needs deep thought and a strong mind to change your surroundings. It is better to take things slow and to take one step at a time for clearing up space.

Space clearing clears negative energies with the goalof creating a happy, harmonious energy in your space. It energetically protects your space. The benefits of space clearing may be feeling more relaxed and increased well-being, having a state of bliss and vitality. You may also find that your relationships are gradually improving.

Space clearing is an Art

If you are in dire need to clear your space, and are curious about the secrets of space clearing, Dr.Rajnee R. Garg is the best spiritual healer in Kolkata. She is an award winning numerologist. Apart from being a certified space clearing expert, she is also a tarot card reader, a certified spiritual healer proficient in numerology, crystal healing, and angel healing. She takes her clients on a wonderful journey of rediscovery and personal and spiritual development.

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