How to Cleanse Your House?

What do you mean by cleansing your house?

Cleansing your house means clearing your house or eliminating negative energies from your house or personal space. It means removal of narcissistic and evil elements and energies that may be residing in your house which affects your mood, behavior, work and personal life in a negative manner. There are many signs you get when you need to cleanse your house of pessimistic and discouraging symmetries and alignments. For Example- if you have a bad day- it is very crucial for your house to be a focal point of good and positive energy.

Why is it so important?

Your room and your house are an extension of your energy field. It has a bearing on your mindset and feelings. If you feel bad, your room is disorganized. If you are in a good mood, your house is neat clean. Whatever mindset you are in affects your immediate surroundings. Your immediate surroundings leave a positive or negative impact on you.

When is it necessary to cleanse your house?

If you are sick or unwell, you need to cleanse your house because the physical ailment produces disturbing environments and cleansing is necessary to get rid of those occupying negative energies. If you have had tough situations in life like a break-up, job loss, feeling of being stuck in life. These are clear manifestations of negative energy and components occupying your house and life. If you want to move on in life and achieve growth and progress, it is very important to destroy negative and evil spaces and create a field of harmony and peace in your house.

10 ways you can cleanse your house:

  • Set a new intention- Instead of being bogged down by the negative energies, you need to develop a sense of confidence and positivity that you will cleanse your house of evil energies at any costs. Setting the right intention is the universal language of doing the consecutive actions to fulfill it.
  • Burning dried herbs- People all over the world burn dried herbs of their choice and its fragrance eradicates bad and negative energies. It acts a great mood uplifter and subsumes all the corrosive elements and emits positivity and light.
  • Place your crystals strategically- Crystals are considered to be earthly gifts that carry positive and beneficial vibrational properties that release positive frequencies and clear out negative synergies.
  • Use of drums and gongs-The sounds of gongs, drums and clapping hands obstructs negative energy and can help break it. Playing an instrument on loop can break the chains of bad energy and force it to leave.
  • Burning incense sticks-Burning incense sticks and letting its smoke go to every corner of your house is a great way to obliterate negative and bad symmetries and energies.
  • Cleanse your house with salt-Salt is known to be the best energy cleanser. It is often advised to wash your house with salt water so that the negative energies leave the space. It is done in many Indian households.
  • Use lemon-scented room fresheners-The smell of lemons is uplifting and invigorating which makes it the best way to add freshness and eliminate negative energies from the house.
  • Grow plants- Growing plants is a very good life-skill and habit. It also helps in precipitating the idea and importance of life and removal of bad energy.
  • Clear out the dirt and clutter- Positive energies does not enter dirty, unclean and unwelcoming spaces. It is very important to keep your house clean, meticulous and tidy for positive energies to feel welcomed.
  • Use the power of imagination- What you believe is what you become is one of the most popular aphorisms of all times. Imagination is the biggest tool for a positive and harmonious life. It all begins in the mind. So, use the power of imagination to create a space of inner peace and light so that no negative energy should be able to align or harmonize with you.

Dr Rajnee R Garg

Space clearing is an ancient art of clearing house on an energy level practiced on a regular basis in many old cultures - from India and Bali to Peru and Morocco. 

Dr Rajnee Garg 'is a certified Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader and Spiritual Healer. She has acquired edifying knowledge in the realms of Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Tarot Cards, Crystal Healing, Pyramid-Vaastu, Pranic Healing,Angel Healing, Mind Power Techniques and various other techniques through many years of experience.

She has started her journey of healing people because of her tremendous interest and expertise in Occult Science and Spirituality. Through her expertise she wishes to make people spiritually connected through the universal energy of the various mediums and make them achieve their heart’s desires.

Born with strong intuition and psychic abilities to connect with the divine powers, she decided to heal people and put her abilities to the best use.

She heals people by connecting with healing angels and other divine powers of the cosmic realm. All sorts of problems like relationship problems, financial instability, depression, career setbacks, marriage issues, health issues can be fixed and healed by her.

Her pure intent and superb work dedication has given her a wonderful client base in Kolkata, containing some of the big names in the Bengali movie and modelling industry.