Life Before: A Guide To Past Life

Human beings spend most part of their entire life working, making money, having kids and changing diapers. A few people would stop by once in a while and wonder about the meaning of life. But even they, after a few moments, would get caught in the urgency of life and move on. Only a very few people would make it their life's goal to find the meaning of life and remember our past lives. A majority of people who want to understand the meaning of life would choose the art forms as a path to enlightenment. Understanding who we were in our previous life would help us understand why we like certain things and places, why we behave a certain way. In short, past-life memory would help us understand more about ourselves. If a person understands the connection between the previous and current life, he may well understand the meaning of life itself. Finding or rather understanding the meaning of life is an ambiguous and tough job. There is no fixed path to success and the chances of getting lost are immense. Hence wouldn't it be helpful to us, the seekers of the meaning of life to have a guide to help us find our way?
In this blog, let us discuss life before. And also the guide to a past life.


It is quite obviously known that every individual is bestowed with a memory power that covers virtually every nook and corner of our life. But nothing more than that. What if our memory extends beyond that? Beyond our present life and into the past life. The life before.

Such a question and such a quest have been undertaken at many points of time throughout the history of man. Most probably, a majority of such quests would have been discouraged as idiocy, and some would have been fortunate enough to be patronised by kings or other such patrons. Some are dissuaded, others encouraged.

As I mentioned before, different people take different routes to reach their goal. Here, the goal is the meaning of life itself. The mother of all quests.

Most of the people who struggle to find the meaning of life, go the artistic way. They become musicians, painters, sculptors, novelists and recently filmmakers in order to find the meaning of life. Even the ones who indulge in the above-mentioned art forms merely as a viewer, a reader or a patron, can also be searching for the meaning of life.

But, very few people who are on the quest to remember their past life, rarely go the science way.


Past Life Regression or PLR, is a mild form of hypnotherapy which takes a person back through time to their previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are generally withheld in their subconscious mind. PLR employs hypnotherapy, which in itself is a form of pseudoscience, to calm and relax the individual and transport him back to his previous life. Individuals who have tried past life regression therapy have stated that they have come to a better understanding of themselves and are able to lead life peacefully. Life today is very hectic and clustered that a lot of these memories are generally concealed beneath the noise of everyday thoughts. Hypnotherapy based past life regression session helps to navigate the person's subconscious past all this noise into the peaceful parts of the subconscious mind. It is here that experts believe all the past life memories, both good and bad, are stored safely.

Past life regression helps an individual to understand the deeper meaning of life, reconnect with their previous incarnations, solve unresolved problems and also realise the reason for feeling a connection with certain places and other such things.

Unlike regular hypnotherapy, in which the individual is completely under a state of trance, practitioners of Past Life Regression or PLR therapy, remain awake throughout the therapy in a peaceful state of mind.


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