Signs You May Have a Past Life

Our souls are boundless beings circulating the universe; there is no full stop. And a soul that is as ancient as ours, must've gone through so much and experienced so many lives. Therefore, it is no shock that one might feel the remnants of the previous life, unless you are a new soul. Here are some signs that you might have a past life:

  1. You have very vivid dreams
    Everyone has dreams; that is not news. However, a person with a past life may see dreams so vivid- one might feel they are really there. If you have been having dreams that are not recognizable as something from this life, then you might have a had a past life. You might have been a rich businessperson doing your taxes, who knows? The expanse of our souls is boundless.
    Besides just having vivid dreams, the dreams itself might be recurring. The same events of dreams may occur again and again; it might be a memory of an event that was the pinnacle of your past life. Contact a hypnotherapist or psychiatrist to learn more.
  2. You have memories of a past life
    Besides dreaming, if you seem to have memories during the day, that even you don’t recognize then you might have had a past life. You may have an inkling feeling like you belong somewhere else, or you are in somewhere else itself. A certain place, food or smell may trigger these memories in you. Write down your memories if possible, and consult a psychiatrist.
  3. You feel déjà vu
    Déjà vu is described as a feeling like you have already experienced this situation before. Although almost everyone has felt this before, it is still inexplicable by science. Most researchers conclude that is probably an amalgamation of your previous memories or you had once already dreamt about it.
    It can make you feel at a loss for words and make you want to search about it, we understand how empty it can feel to almost remember something.
  4. You feel paranoid
    If you feel paranoid quite often without any reason per se then it can be because of a past memory. You might have unreasonable fears that you can't make any sense of. After performing hypnotherapy, people realise that they may have a terrible memory related to falling off a building or being blazed in a fire. These memories can trigger people to be afraid of otherwise mundane things like fire, buildings, water, thunder etc.
  5. You have inexplicable pain
    If you experience pain that you can't explain, or even your doctors are not able to explain, it might have something to do with your past life, something that was left unresolved and therefore, haunts you to this day. Your soul has been burdened with it and it may not let go until you find a solution for it.
    You might not remember when exactly you had hurt yourself to feel that sort of pain and it might leave you feeling baffled. It can even anger at minuscule things, sadness at ordinary times. An influx of emotion that you have no control over.
  6. You feel like you belong in another ethnicity
    If you feel particularly inclined to another nation, does it just mean obsession or that you once lived there, or are from that place itself? And if you are drawn to it so much, you go and explore the world and find yourself in love with it, and it still does not die down by a few years, there probably might be more going on down there.
    Try reading more books and researching the culture to understand your inclinations better. You might find that the festivals and communities evoke a sort of familiarity within you. It might not feel as foreign to you as compared to your friends.
  7. You are fluent or know another language
    If you are able to speak languages that you may have never taken time to learn, it could mean that you previously in another life, spoke that certain language.
  8. You have knowledge about things beyond your age
    If you are aware and knowledgeable about ideas that you never once learned, then you might’ve had extensive knowledge of it in the past. There are stories of people who can talk about events in history that they personally had not experienced in this life. There are prodigies all around in the world, people who become veterans in something in a short amount of time which otherwise, anyone would take a very long time to.
    Like having an inclination towards the piano, and not having to learn it as hard and feeling a sense of belonging to it.
    It can be hard to come to terms with the idea of a past life regression, you might want to become scared but do not be scared. It can be advantageous to you and it can also be healed.
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