What Is Space Clearing?

If you wish to lead a happy and carefree life, it is important to have clear vibrant energy within your home. So What is Space Clearing? It is a swift and effective way to clean negative energy at the unseen level and it helps to bring clarity and vigour into your life. It is basically an antique art practised daily in many old cultural practices like India, Bali, Peru and Morocco. You can find numerous ways and materials that can be used for it.

Why Do You Think Space Clearing Can Be Important?

The idea behind space clearing is quite simple. On a physical level, you come across dust and dirt accumulation at your home as a result of daily activities. Similarly, you can find the same practice that happens with you on energy levels. The "dust and dirt" of human emotions is not visible to human eyes, but they do exist and accumulate and it is essential to clear them out regularly. It is a dedicated outline of clearing for harmonizing and balancing the flow of energy in personal and living spaces at very unfathomable levels.

Why Do You Think Space Clearing Is a Good Idea?

It occurs due to the natural human habitation and can be described as energetic debris that accumulates at the concealed level. It is the same way as dust and cobwebs which is build up at the physical level. These energies also influence you as well as affect the way how you feel and behave. It makes you feel like you are continuously pushing against the flow which will help to resolve difficulties. They make your home feel musty and dull, and consequently, you too feel the same over the days. Space clearing is an inimitable procedure for clearing out these sluggish energies. It helps in revitalizing your indoor spaces.

Who Does Need Space Clearing?

It is like the fact that everyone needs space clearing. Nowadays many people choose to make it as a part of their regular maintenance programmes so that space is energetically and physically clear and clean.
How often do you need space clearing to be done?
It is advisable to do space clearing practices once a year. If you have a major life change planned like marriage, birthday, and engagement or starting or ending a relationship, career, you must surely go for it. You can also try it out in small amounts whenever you are free like every quarter which will lessen your annual load.

How Well Can Space Clearing Help You?

It can help you in different ways like:

  • It opens a new path to innovative possibilities in your life.
  • It helps you release physical and emotional muddle.
  • It acts as a gateway to promote therapeutic health and well being
  • It also helps to clear out the energetic residue of the previous occupant of the building.
  • It helps you feel a sense of belongingness.
  • It helps you to feel less emotional charge and attached to a particular outcome.
  • You can be able to create a sparkling and spacious atmosphere at your home.
  • You will experience greater clarity and awareness.
  • It makes you feel easy and peaceful

Do you think Space clearing and Feng Shui are related to each other?

The "feng shui" is basically a skilfully organized system of information that helps to design buildings to capitalize on the beneficial flows of energy around us. It helps by improving the house aesthetics by focusing on building design, furniture placement, and colour schemes. It always works better and faster when done in combination with space clearing.

What Are The Various Tools For Space Clearing?

You can use the list of below items for space clearing for your house:
They can be like bells, chimes, crystals, drums, essential oils, hand-clapping, incense sticks, seashells, sand and salt. You should create a space clearing plan before planning it.

Do You Know Space Clearing Helps Your Home In Certain Ways?

When you have moved into a new house, space clearing helps in clearing your predecessor’s traces and live comfortably without any interference. It also helps you when you have difficulty in selling your house. It can be tempting for prospective buyers. If you have lived at that home for many years but never felt good, It helps to fully settle positive energy into your home.

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